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Those who work hard don't necessarily get much.
Those who work a little do not necessarily get a little.

Because actually the nature of Fortune is to chase, not to be chased.
Fortune will come,
even will chase,
only to those who deserve to be visited....

So, be quick and fit yourself to be quick to be approached, or even to be chased by sustenance.
This is the essence of effort…

Each of us has been assigned his own sustenance.

Because endeavor is human power, but sustenance is the power of Allah Azza Wajalla.
And man will not be killed, until he has received the provisions of his sustenance, entirely.

Some have their sustenance expanded in the form of wealth,
some have expanded in the form of health,
some have expanded in the form of tranquility, peace,
some have expanded in the ease of receiving knowledge,
some have expanded in the form of family and pious descendants,
some have facilitated in practice and worship...
And the most beautiful thing is to be strengthened in the guidance of Islam...

The reality of sustenance is not just wealth, sustenance is the entire grace of Allah Ta'ala...


Guaranteed Sustenance.

And there is no animal on the earth but that Allah is responsible for its sustenance, and He knows its resting place and its resting place, each in a clear book.

"There is not a single crawling creature that moves on this earth whose sustenance is not guaranteed by GOD."
(Surah Hud: 6).

2. Fortune Because of Effort.

and that man has nothing but what he strives for

"Man does not get anything except what he does."
(Surah An-Najm: 39).

3. Fortune because of gratitude.

If you are grateful, I will give you more, and if you are ungrateful, then My punishment is severe.

"Indeed, if you

be grateful, surely We will add (favors) to you."
(Surah Ibrahim: 7).

4. Unexpected Fortune.

And whoever fears God, He will make a way out for him ( ) and provide for him from where he does not expect.

"Whoever fears God, He will certainly make a way out for him and give him sustenance from a direction he did not expect."
(Surah At-Thalaq: 2-3).

5. Fortune Because of Istighfar.

So I said, Ask forgiveness from your Lord, for He is Forgiving ( ) He sends rain showers upon you.

"Apologise to your Lord, indeed He is Most Forgiving, surely He will send you abundant rain, and increase wealth."
(Surah Noah: 10-11).

6. Fortune because of marriage.

And marry the days among you and the righteous among your male and female slaves, if they are poor, Allah will enrich them from His bounty.

“And marry those who are still single among you, and also those who are worthy of your slaves, both men and women. If they are poor, then Allah will provide sufficient for them with His grace."
(Surah An-Nur: 32).

7. Fortune because of children.

And do not kill your children for fear of poverty, We provide for them and for you.

"And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We are the ones who will support their sustenance and also (sustenance) for you."
(Surah Al-Israa': 31).

8. Fortune Due to Alms

Who is it that will lend God a good loan, so He will multiply it for him many times over?

"Whoever wants to give a loan to Allah, a good loan (infaq & charity), then Allah will multiply the payment to him with many folds."
(Surah Al-Baqarah: 245).

Zainal Abidin bin Syamsuddin Lc, may God Almighty protect him
posted on FB account of Ustadz Zainal Abidin

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