Minggu, 25 Desember 2022

The virtues of the call to prayer, Wirid Mushalla Addin 07 April 2018
By ust Marhalim S.Ag
1. All creatures are witnesses for him in the hereafter (Hadith)
2. Allah forgives his sins as long as his call to prayer is heard.
3. Those who hear the call to prayer and repeat the call to prayer will

forgiven his sins and intercession from the Messenger of Allah ( Hadith )
4. The Messenger of Allah prays for the muadzhin ( Hadith )
5. The devil runs away to hear the call to prayer ( Hadith )
6. The muezzin on the Day of Judgment has a long neck, ( Quickly recognized and gets a lot of Allah's Grace ) ( Hadith )

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