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This is the Meaning and Wisdom of Commemorating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

– As a Muslim, of course we need to understand what the meaning and wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday is. This is one of the important things to study and learn so that the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is not only ceremonial.

Mawlid is the same as the word milad which is taken from Arabic which means birthday. Commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad was not a tradition that existed when the Prophet SAW was still alive.

Celebration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad began to appear and be held after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. Not only in Indonesia, this celebration which has become a Muslim tradition has developed widely in various parts of the world with a Muslim population.

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Then do you know the origin of the tradition of the birthday of the great Prophet Muhammad SAW?

The commemoration of the Prophet 's Birthday was first carried out by the King of Ibril, namely Muzhaffaruddin al Kaukbri, who at that time was the leader in the Iraqi region around the 7th century Hijiryah. The celebration was held in the month of Rabi'ul Awal and was celebrated on a large scale.

Starting from this tradition, now it is growing rapidly and widely throughout the world, including

Indonesia. With that, one can imagine that the commemoration of the Prophet's birthday did not exist during the time of the apostles, companions and after.

It was only 600 to 700 years later that this tradition appeared. Therefore, if you do not understand the meaning, meaning and wisdom of the Prophet's birthday, it will actually cause 'rah-rah' and is only ceremonial without understanding anything.

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The meaning of the Prophet's own birthday is the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Like someone's birthday in general. Mawlid Nabi is also celebrated with the aim of commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The meaning of the prophet's birthday is as a reminder of how persistent the apostle's struggle was to pioneer and develop the teachings of Islam in the heart of Arab tradition and culture which at that time was in a state of not understanding God or the Age of Ignorance. Therefore, when Muslims celebrate the Prophet's birthday, they should adopt and imitate the attitude and actions of the Prophet. Not just ceremonial, this celebration should be a learning to emulate and practice the noble character of Prophet Muhammad.

Meanwhile, the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday, which is also destined to fall on Friday December 1 2017, tomorrow, humanity is expected to return to endeavor consistently and emulate and practice the teachings given by the Prophet. You can do this with a number of things and one of them is praying.

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