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6 Inventors of Complete Communication Tools

1. Inventor of the Telegram Communication Tool, Samuel Finley Breese Morse 1837
Samuel Finley Breese Morse (firman2912.blogspot.com)Telegram is a communication tool for sending coded messages over long distances using a cable with electricity. Tools for sending and receiving telegrams are called telegraphs. The code used in the telegram is Morse code, which is a code that changes the shape of letters, numbers and punctuation into electrical impulse signals.
The signal will then produce dots and lines as a representation of each form of letters, numbers and punctuation. If you've ever been a scout, you know about Morse code, yes, that's how messages are sent using telegrams.
The inventor of the telegram communication tool was Samuel Finley Breese Mores who was born on April 27, 1791 in Charlestown, Boston, America and died on April 2, 1872 in Greenwood, Brooklyn. Morse found the telegraph in 1837, the discovery of the telegraph began when he heard conversations about electromagnetic research. Hearing that Morse began to think about the concept of telegraph using electromagnetic.
Morse began to create the first telegraph model in 1835. Then assisted by his assistant named Alexander Bain created Morse code to be used in telegraph machines. Using money of USD 30,000 obtained from the congress in 1843, he returned to continue his experiments to perfect his findings, namely the telegraph.

In 1844, the first successful message was sent by telegraph from Washington DC to Baltimore using Morse code. The message reads "What had God Wrought" which means "What God has written".

2. Inventor of the Fax Machine, Alexander Bain 1843Alexander Bain (memim.com)Fax machine or so-called Fax is a communication tool that is used to send documents using a telephone cable which will then be printed to be the same as the original. The sending fax machine will scan the document and send the message, while the receiving fax machine will receive the message and print the document.
The first fax machine was invented by Alexander Bain who patented it in 1843. He was born in Watten, Chaithness, Scotland in 1811 and died in Kirkintilloch, United Kingdom in 1877 at the age of 65 years.
As a watchmaker, Alexander Bain used his skills to build a fax machine based on an electric clock movement he had previously invented. The form of the first fax machine was very different from today's fax machines. The fax machine invented by Alexander Bain was used to convert the electrical signals sent by the telegraph into a visual form.

That way messages can be more accurate and faster than when using voice. The paper used in the machine he made must first be soaked in a chemical liquid. This chemical liquid will evaporate and will leave marks if it is exposed to an electrical signal. The marks left behind will be dark and shaped like lines and dots, Morse code. The machine is commonly referred to as a chemical telegraph machine.
Another difference with today's fax is that the fax machine he created uses cables or telegraph networks to send messages, not using telephone wires. That's because in his day there was no means of telephone communication.

3. Inventor of the Telephone, Antonio Meucci 1849 (new version 2002)Antonio Meucci (wikiwand.com)The telephone is a communication tool that is commonly used to converse between two people who are in different places. For humans nowadays it is very important to have a telephone, almost everyone on this earth already has a personal telephone. But, many also do not know who first invented the telephone.
Many people think that the inventor of the telephone communication device is Alexander Graham Bell, but actually the inventor of the first real telephone was Antonio Meucci.
Antonio Meucci, whose full name is Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci, was born in San Frediano on April 13, 1808 and died at the age of 81, on October 18, 1889. He was an Italian national and completed his education at the Florentine Academy of Arts. Then moved to Cuba in 1835 with his wife.
In his spare time he likes to try to create things without ever giving up on his business. He

has also found a breakthrough in the use of electric shock devices in the health sector.
In 1850 Meucci went bankrupt and fell ill, forcing his wife to sell all of his creations to pay for Meucci's treatment. After recovering he returned to work hard to remake all of his creations.

In 1871 Antonio Meucci patented his creation telephone which was valid for only a year. This was because Meucci was bankrupt and did not have the funds to pay for the patent in full. In 1876, it was announced that Alexander Graham Bell held a patent for the invention of the telephone.
After knowing this, Meucci protested the United States Patent Office, but unfortunately he lost. A century and a half later, on June 11, 2002, the United States congress appointed Antonio Meucci as the inventor of the telephone.

4. Inventor of Radio, Guglielmo Marconi 1896Guglielmo Marconi (youtube.com)Radio is a wireless communication tool that was first discovered. By using the radio we can send sound or sound through the air without using cables. Now radio can be found easily in our daily life. With radio we can listen to music, news, information, job vacancies and recitations that are usually broadcast on radio.
The inventor of a radio communication device named Guglimeo Marconi was born in Blogna on April 25, 1874 which is the second child of an Italian nobleman named Giuseppe Marconi. At a young age he was interested in science and electricity. In the early 1890s he began working on ideas for a telegraph capable of wireless transmission.

Actually this is an old idea, several famous researchers and inventors have explored wireless telegraph technology. But none of them can prove it in real terms and successfully market it to the public.
After more than 50 years, a scientist named Heinrich Hertz appeared, who was able to prove the existence of electromagnetic radiation in 1888. Where this thing is now better known as radio waves.

When he was 20 years Marconi started experiments to create a radio telegraph. In 1894, he succeeded in creating a radio and told his parents. Then his father gave him the money so that the tools he created could develop better.
Until finally in July 1896, Marconi demonstrated his findings to the British government. Where the tool is capable of transmitting Morse code as far as 6.7 km without using a cable at all.

5. Inventor of the Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell 1876 (old version)Alexander Graham Bell (anglotopia.net)We have long known that Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the first telephone communication device. But, as previously explained, the telephone was actually first invented by Antonio Meucci in 1849. Alexander Graham Bell actually just stole Meucci's telephone model, which eventually caused the two of them to become enemies.
Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1847. His father was an expert in vocal physiology, working on improving speech for people as well as teaching deaf people. It was because of his father's profession that Bell became interested in sound production technology.

In 1877, after obtaining a patent for the invention of the telephone, he and his friends founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). From there the use of the telephone became more widespread and brought many benefits to the Bell company.
After successfully developing the telephone and becoming wealthy, Bell did not stop continuing his research to continue making various kinds of tools with the noble goal of helping deaf people.

6. Inventor of Television, John Logie Baird 1927John Logie Baird (bbci.co.uk)Television is a communication tool used to convey visual information over long distances. Now television has become an object that is owned by every home in Indonesia. Apart from being a medium of information, television is also used as a medium of entertainment which makes it increasingly attractive to everyone.
In addition, television is also available in various types and prices also vary, so that anyone can afford to buy a television.
Television was first invented by John Logie Baird, a scientist from Scotland. He was born in 1888 in Scotland, Baird and died in East Sussex, England in 1946. He attended Larchfield Academy (now part of Lomond school) in Helensburgh, Glasglow and West 0f Scotland Technical College and the University of Glasgow. But due to World War I, he could not finish college.
Television has been developed by many scientists, but among all Baird's invention is considered the most sophisticated. Many historians say that Braid was the first to produce motion pictures and live broadcasts.
Initially, the inventor of Baird's television communication device experienced funding difficulties, because his ideas were not appreciated by investors. Until he was 35 years old, he lived in poverty. Occasionally he tinkered with his findings to be able to transmit images and sound even better.
In that year (1923) he succeeded in transmitting images and completing his findings. Until finally many investors are interested and provide funds to him. Until finally in 1927 he was able to transmit images from London to Glasgow and in 1928 transmitting television signals from London to New York. It was at that historic moment that John Logie Baird was finally recognized as the inventor of television.

source: history of national communication .doc

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