Cube properties, Nets of Blocks and Cubes

 Cube properties

  a. The cube has six sides, namely:

  - base side : PQRS

- top side : TUVW

  - front side : PQUT

  - back side : SRVW

  - right side : QRVU

- left side : PSWT

  b. The cube has eight vertices, namely:

point: P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W.

  c. The cube has twelve edges, namely:

- base ribs: PQ, QR, RS, PS

  - upright ribs: PT, QU, RV, SW

  - top rib : TU, UV, VW, TW

d. The cube has three groups of ribs that are the same length, namely:

  - ribs PS = QR = UV = WT

  - ribs PQ = SR = WV = TU

  - rib PT = QU = RV = SW

e. The cube has parallel edges (//), namely:

  - rib PS // QR // UV // WT - rib PQ // SR // WV // TU - rib PT // QU // RV // SW

  f. A cube has three pairs of parallel sides, namely:

  - PQRS // TUVW side

- PQUT // SRVW side - PSWT // QRVU side

B. Nets of Blocks and Cubes

1. Beam Nets

  If you want to make a block from a piece of cardboard, you must first draw the nets of the blocks. How to make beam nets? Now let's look at the ABCD.EFGH block. below carefully.

2. Cube Nets

To make nets of cubes the method is almost the same as how to make nets of blocks. In a cube all sides are equal, that is, they are square.

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