Rabu, 11 Januari 2023

 A. Definition of Angle

In everyday life, you often see a clock as a timepiece. On wall clocks and table clocks, the long hand and the short hand intersect at one point, namely at the center of the clock circle. The two needles form an angle that changes every time.

What is that angle? An angle is an area formed by the meeting of two lines at one point.

There are two ways to name angles, namely:

1. Name the angle with three letters. Naming angles in this way uses three capital letters. The corner points are placed in the center.

2. Name the angle with one letter. Name the angle with one letter according to the name of the corner point.

B. Comparing Angles.

  If there are two angles, For example ∠A and ∠B, then the probabilities are:

  1. ∠A equals ∠B,

  2. ∠A is smaller than ∠B,

3. ∠A is greater than ∠B.

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