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The club was first formed as a forum for employees of the electronics company Philips to play football. Philips Sport Vereniging (PSV) was founded on the anniversary of the centenary of Napoleon's defeat, August 31, 1913. The Philips Stadium was built exactly at the time the club was founded, although renovations and capacity additions have continued in stages. Based on these historical roots, the club has never changed sponsors since shirt sponsors were introduced in the Eredivisie in 1982.

PSV's first golden period occurred in the mid-1970s. When Ajax Amsterdam was in crisis after winning three consecutive Champions Cups, PSV dominated the Eredivisie with players such as the Van der Kerkhof brothers (Rene and Willy), Jan van Beveren, Jan Poortvliet and Huub Stevens. PSV won its first European title in 1978 after beating French team SC Bastia 3-0 in two UEFA Cup finals.

The second golden period occurred in the late 1980s. A coach named Guus Hiddink led a team consisting of Ronald Koeman, Eric Gerets, Soren Lerby and Wim Kieft to win the Champions Cup by beating Benfica on penalties. Together with Hiddink, PSV won the Eredivisie three times, three Dutch Cups and one Champions Cup. PSV's dominance has continued since the late 1990s. Over the past decade, PSV has won the league championship crown seven times. The club is often nicknamed Boeren (Dutch: "farmers") because it comes from the province.

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