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History of the Origin of the Heart Symbol as a Symbol of Love

Love, liedfde, amour, lieben. Rows of these words are always attached to the definition of love. The word love is also associated with a human feeling that is so deep for someone. However, do you know where the symbol of love or love was created from?

The Origin of the Shape of the Heart as a Symbol of Love in the World
1. 3000 Years BC

The heart shape is believed to have existed in 3000 BC, derived from the shape of ivy leaves which were often used by the Greeks and Romans as ornaments in ceramics and vessels. Ivy vines are thought to symbolize passion. Ivy leaves are also placed on tombstones as a sign of eternal love even though death do us part.

2. 631 Years BC

The Greeks experienced drought and population explosion so that in 631 BC, they looked for a new city. They eventually founded the City of Kierene which is located at the northern tip of Africa. There they found silphium seeds which were eventually used as contraceptives. The Kinere people also made a symbol of making silphium into a coin and in the shape of a heart.

3. 384 B.C

Classical era philosophers also argued about the symbol of the heart and its meaning (384-322 BC). Aristotle, who is included in the three most influential philosophers in Western thought, believes that the heart is the center of thought and emotion. In fact, sometimes the heart is stronger than the influence of the brain as a nervous system. Thus, the heart is felt to be the center of the soul and emotions.

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With the development of science in 1304 - 1306, a painter named Giotto made a work Cappella degli Scrovegni. The painting tells the story of a philanthropist who holds a heart (in the shape of a heart) and gives it to heaven. Giotto's painting is considered so sacred and symbolizes sincere love for God.

5. Years 1304 - 1306

Furthermore, between 1489-1500, the genius painter Leornado da Vinci drew an early illustration of the shape of the heart. If you pay attention, the illustration looks like a combination of a heart in a game and a real heart. Da Vinci's image also looks the most detailed and most resembles the shape of a heart. And, as the Romans believed, the heart is the seat of the soul and emotions.

6. 2003

The heart symbol is increasingly popular to symbolize love. Even in 2003 the symbol was used in several famous films such as Love Actually. This romantic drama film, directed by Richard Curtis, was a success at the box office. Until now, the heart symbol is attached to Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day.

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