Rabu, 11 Januari 2023

 How to fish for eels to get a lot

It's fun fishing for eels in the rice fields

One day, we saw that in the middle of the rice fields there were several people who were busy looking down at the bunds. At first glance we saw this person poking a small hole in the embankment with his finger. Apparently he was fishing for eels. So remember when you were young.

Although the shape of the eel is like a snake, it is still related to fish. Eel in Latin is called monopterus albus. Eels include fish that live in fresh waters, even though they live in water, they have the advantage of being able to survive even with low oxygen conditions. Same with catfish, cork fish. Eel belongs to the type of carnivorous fish, it is a true predator. Its food is shrimp, molluscs, and small fish, worms.

Fishing for eels is a different kind of fun than fishing for regular fish. Because eel fishing only requires simple tools. We usually make eel fishing rods from small tampered rope, so that it is strong then we make the hooks from steel wire, for example from wire filled with used car tires. This wire is known to be flexible and strong and not easily bent. The fishing line we made ourselves we sharpened the end with a file, we tied the slap line around the fishing line and we secured it with a nylon rope. With a fishing rod like this, any size eel will be easily pulled, compared to making hooks from kemiti, of course it is much more sturdy.

The hunt is ready to begin, usually fishing for eels using earthworm bait, besides being famous for being durable and not easily crushed when bitten by fish, earthworms are very easy to find. In the garbage, under the banana tree, his characteristic is that he always piles up the landfill outside his house. So easily caught and used as bait.

Fishing for eels really requires carefulness, you have to know which holes are filled and which are empty. If in the target hole the water goes up and down, it means that there are inhabitants there, but don't get me wrong, sometimes it can also contain crabs, or yuyu. After you put the fishing line in, it won't take you long to find out if your fishing rod has been eaten or not. If your fishing rod is immediately pulled back firmly ... it means the eel is big, but if your fishing rod is rotated inside it means the eel is small. The next step is to just pull the line straight away, your hook is very strong anyway….happy fishing

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