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 How to Install Cuttlefish / Squid Bait

1. Live Cuttlefish

Several ways to install the live cuttlefish bait, namely:

On the tail of the cuttlefish we pay attention, above close to the tail of the cuttlefish there is a hole between the cuttlefish tails, insert the hook through the hole and hook out the hook through the same side.

If the bait is large or we need to use 2 hooks, one hook is put into the cuttlefish and the other is left outside the cuttlefish

Installing Bait

III. Shrimp Bait

One of the baits favored by anglers is shrimp and is used individually or in slices or live or dead. Shrimp bait is my favorite bait because shrimp is the main food for fish in the sea, estuaries and rivers. It can be said that all fish like to eat shrimp bait.

A. How to store Shrimp Bait

To use shrimp bait, we must store it properly because rotten or damaged shrimp will not attract fish to eat it. Always use fresh and good shrimp. When buying prawns, make sure that they are still fresh by pulling the heads of the prawns, they are not easily pulled out, if the heads are easily pulled out, the prawns are no longer fresh.

The way to store live shrimp (life bait) is to put it in a shrimp container where water and air can flow into it, the shrimp container or container should be put into seawater by attaching a string, the most important thing is that the shrimp container must be dark. or not bright that is translucent by direct sunlight so that the shrimp stays alive. For dead prawns and to keep them fresh, wrap them in a few packets of paper and put them in crushed ice. (buried in crushed ice). Shrimp can also be frozen first. Determine that each pack of paper only has between 5-10 tails.

B. How to install Live Shrimp Bait

On the tail of the shrimp, we notice that it has a line, this is the back nerve and we shouldn't hook the hook here because it will kill the shrimp.

Insert the hook next to the nerve and hook out the hook through the opposite (opposite) side.

We can also graft the shrimp on the head through the scalp on the neck of the shrimp and hook out the hook through the eyes of the shrimp.

For centipede shrimp bait (Mantis Prawn) there are also several places where we can hook hooks. Live centipede shrimp are best for fishing Red Snapper, Jenaha and Grouper.

For bait that is fresh or dead, we can use the method above or by grafting the tail onto the body of the shrimp or several tails at once if the shrimp are small.


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