This is the Bait for Fishing for Galatama Catfish , Let's Try It

Galatama Catfish Fishing Bait

Bait for Fishing Catfish Galatama - Hello fishing mania, how are you, of course, you still always make fish your daily friend, this time I will share the bait for fishing catfish Galatama, of course this trick is only in my opinion and according to my own judgment and you must practice my tricks so that strike and you can defeat your enemy.

Galatam catfish bait

Indeed, there are many reasons for becoming a catfish angler

the most effective, some knowledge about fishing bait and good fishing tricks you must know, this Galatama catfish bait is rather specific, meaning it is rather unique, because the duels in Galatama are usually not new people, the average Galatama angler is senior, so beat them with the following bait.

Buy crickets that are still fresh at the nearest bird feed shop or animal market, then buy vinegar at a small shop, then soak the crickets in vinegar, you can mix them with pellets or worms for about 2 hours, then immediately duel in Galatama, oh yeah, don't forget before going to pray first