Tips on techniques and easy ways to catch big fish in the sea that are correct and simple - Hi fishing maniaa, how are you all? okay, of course. Oy, on this occasion we want to share a little knowledge that might help and add fishing techniques to anglers wherever you are. Correct and proper fishing techniques are very necessary for maniaa anglers, because with tips, tricks and techniques on how to fish correctly you can get the game fish you expect. For those of you who like fishing in the sea, of course you really understand what the character of the sea is like.

So, in this regard, this time we will focus on discussing fishing techniques for large fish and small fish found in the area around the sea. The area around the sea can be divided into 4, namely: fishing techniques from the top of the rock, fishing techniques on the pier, fishing techniques on the beach, and fishing techniques in the middle of the sea or what we often hear as offshore.

1. Fishing techniques from the top of the rock.

The first sea fishing technique is the technique of fishing from the top of the rock or it can also be called rockfishing. By fishing on the rocks, we will usually strike a fish with a large size. Many people like this spot because there is a challenge we have to reach steep and steep rocks which is of course dangerous, if you are in doubt you should not fish at this spot. Apart from the challenges, fishing maniacs are attracted by the bait to get large fish.

The tools or fishing gear used must be stringers or strong rods as well as medium-sized strings because our game this time is a big fish. As for the bait, you can use sliced fish, dead shrimp, sea worms, live shrimp, small crabs, live small fish, besides that you can also use artificial bait.

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2. Fishing techniques on the beach.

Next is the fishing technique on the beach or often referred to as surfing. Spinning tools are fishing tools that are often used for fishing on sandy beaches. But you can use other types of equipment, from small to medium fishing rods which can be your choice which of course is adjusted to what type of fish you are hunting. For the bait, you also have to know exactly what bait is right. Now, here are the types of bait that are often used, namely: fish slices, small crabs, sea worms, shrimp, apart from that, artificial bait can also be a good alternative to bait, you know.

3. Fishing techniques from the pier

The next fishing technique is to choose to fish from a wooden pier, or it can be from the edge of the harbor, or what fishing mania usually does, namely in a place to resist sea waves. Many fishing maniaa fish from the pier because besides this spot it is more comfortable, we can also invite our family members to have recreation while fishing or vice versa. Besides that, you can get big fish like barramundi, stingrays, or predatory fish like sharks.

But you should be careful because this location is very dangerous for small children, so you have to be more vigilant if you take your children to this fishing spot. You should use fishing tools that are easy to use, like the ones you use in rock fishing, namely spinning. The bait is the same as the bait you use when fishing on the beach, namely: fish slices, small crabs, sea worms, shrimp (dead shrimp or live shrimp), besides that you can also use artificial bait.

4. Fishing techniques in the middle of the sea

The next fishing technique is the fishing technique in the middle of the sea or often called offshore, now for those of you who like fishing in the middle of the sea, there are several techniques and tips you can do, namely;

     a.) Fishing techniques using kites or other cool names kite fishing.

We rarely find fishing techniques on the surface of the sea water using kites, but you can use this technique, because with this technique you can keep the bait to the distance you want and also to keep the bait above the surface. sea ​​water. Besides kites you can use balloons as well. This kite fishing technique is often used to catch surface or pelagic fish. It has also been found that some people use snares to catch large pelagic fish and small pelagic fish. The type of tool that you can use is the type of spinning which is very suitable.

     b.) Techniques for fishing on the seabed / deep sea or other cool names bottom fishing.

This seabed fishing technique is carried out on a boat that stops and has an anchor attached so that the boat remains calm in a location that is considered appropriate and is believed to have lots of fish congregating, such as in coral reefs/clusters of coral. As for the tools, you can prepare a conventional type because with a medium-sized fishing line and a fishing line that is long enough it is very suitable if the fishing spot has the potential to get big fish, or you could say sea monsters, hehehhe.

As for the ballast, use lead ballast so that the bait sinks to the seabed. It's best if you also prepare a spinning-type device which will be more fun to catch small fish strikes, or you can also use a baitcasting type. The baits you can use are: live small fish, sliced fish meat, sea worms, and shrimp (dead shrimp or live money).

     c.) Trolling fishing techniques or the famous name for trolling fishing techniques.

We often see this trolling technique on television shows where this technique uses fresh bait / live bait / artificial bait and is released / pulled behind the boat and with a beat it will move forward at a speed according to our pull. We strongly recommend that you use conventional tools because this time we are targeting big fish such as giant traveling fish / gt fish.

     d.) The technique of fishing with snapping or scraping, which is called jerking.

This technique is basically the same as the basic fishing technique, the difference is that this technique uses artificial bait / fake bait where after the bait reaches the bottom you roll the kenur / stringer while jerking it, as if the bait is alive. If it reaches the surface, repeat until a fish grabs the bait. To support this jerking fishing technique, it's best to use a conventional type of tool because if a big fish grabs the bait then you're ready. But using spinning and biatcasting type tools is also fine if you want to try it.

     e.) Fishing techniques by drifting bait or drifting.

You can do this technique by running the boat slowly in the area around the clusters of coral/coral reefs where fish gather and drifting the bait so that the bait will look alive and will later attract the attention of the fishing fish. If a fish grabs the fish, the anchor will be thrown immediately so that the mania angler can finish the strike. The tools can be of the conventional, baitcasting, or spinning type. While good bait is live fish bait so that it attracts more fish.

How about fishing lovers? Are you satisfied with our tips and tricks regarding the correct fishing technique? Those are the right tips for fishing in spots on the beach, in the middle of the sea or on piers and rocks. Thanks bro and sis for stopping by our article and we hope our article can be useful and add to our knowledge, especially for ourselves. But actually you can create your own fishing techniques that you adjust to your favorite location or fishing spots.

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