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Understanding of History According to Experts

The following will explain some of the notions of history put forward according to experts:

Benedetto Croce (1951) history is a record of the creations of the human spirit in all fields, both theoretical and practical. These spiritual creations are always born in the hearts and minds of human geniuses, humanists, thinkers who prioritize action and religious reformers.

Baverley Southgate (1996) the notion of history can be defined as "the study of events in the past." Thus, history is a factual event in the past, not a fictitious story let alone fabricated. Definition according to Beverley Southgate is the simplest understanding. Understanding history according to Beverley requires an objective understanding of historical facts. The writing method uses historical narrative and is not justified analytically (historical analysis).

Moh. Yamin History is a science that is compiled based on the results of investigations of several events that are proven by reality.

R. Moh Ali There are 3 definitions of history, namely: History is events, all events related to human life. History is a story that is arranged systematically (all in order and neatly) History is the science that investigates the development of events and events in the past.
Patrick Gardiner History is the study of what humans have done.

JV Brice History is the records of what mankind has thought, said and done.
The understanding of history is different from the understanding of historical science. History is an event that occurred in the human past while historical science is a science that is used to study important events in the human past.

According to Karl Popper, historical science (history) is a science that is interested in specific events and their explanations. History is often described as past events as they actually happened. Popper stated that in history there are no unifying theories. In a sense, a collection of universal laws that are trivial to use and taken for granted (are taken for granted).

Mutahhari there are three ways of defining history and there are three interrelated historical disciplines, namely traditional history (tarikh naqli) is knowledge of events, incidents and human conditions in the past in relation to conditions

present. scientific history (date ilmy), namely knowledge of the laws that appear to have governed past lives obtained through the approach and analysis of past events. philosophy of history (date philosophy), namely knowledge of the gradual changes that brought society from one stage to another, it discusses the laws governing these changes. In other words, it is a science about being a society, not just about being there.
Encarta History, is "in its broadest sense, the totality of all past events

Britannica History is "the discipline that studies the chronological (state and people) recording of events based on a critical examination of source material and usually providing an explanation of causes,"

Wikipedia"History is the continuous and systematic narrative and study of past events."

EH Carr in his textbook What is History History is an unfinished dialogue between the present and the past, a continuous process of interaction between the historian and the facts he owns.

GR Elton and Henry PirenneHistory based on the study of scientific disciplines originating from; 1. Philology (the study of writing and language in ancient texts; palm leaves, daluwang, paper). Epigraph (the study of ancient writing and language on stone, wood, metal, known as inscriptions), 3. Archeology (the study of historical relics/artifacts).

"Father of History" Herodotus History is a study to tell a cycle of the ups and downs of a figure, society and civilization

Aristotle History is a system that examines an event from the beginning and is organized in chronological form. At the same time, according to him, History is the events of the past that have records, records or concrete evidence.

RG Collingwood History is a form of investigation of things that have been done by humans in the past. Shefer also argues that History is an event that has happened and actually happened.

Drs. Sidi Gazal's history as the past of mankind and its surroundings which is arranged scientifically and completely covers the sequence of facts of that time with interpretations and explanations that give understanding and understanding of what happened.
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