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IT turns out that sleeping in the morning is not good

We all know that morning is a time full of blessings and one of the times we are commanded to take advantage of it . However, in reality we see many people neglecting this glorious time. The time that should be used for work, obedience and worship, turns out to be used for sleeping and lazing around.

Brother, remember that the former pious people hated sleeping in the morning. We can see this from the narrative of Ibnul Qayyim when explaining the problem of sleeping a lot, namely that a lot of sleep kills the heart and makes the body feel lazy and a waste of time. He Rahimahullah said,

“Lots of sleep can result in inattentiveness and laziness. A lot of sleep is included as prohibited and some can pose a danger to the body.

The most useful bedtimes are:

[1] sleep when you need it the most,
[2] sleeping early at night –this is more beneficial than sleeping late at night-,
[3] sleeping in the middle of the afternoon –this is more beneficial than sleeping in the morning and evening-. Moreover, in the morning and evening there are very few benefits and even more harm is caused, moreover sleeping during 'Asr and early morning unless you don't sleep all night.

According to the salaf, the forbidden sleep is sleeping when the dawn prayer is finished until the sun rises. Because at that time is the time to reap ghonimah (abundant reward). Filling that time is a very big virtue, according to sholih people. So if they travel all night, they don't want to sleep at that time until the sun rises. They do this because morning is the time when the door of sustenance opens and barokah (a lot of good) comes.” (Madarijus Salikin, 1/459, Maktabah Syamilah)


[First] Not in accordance with the instructions of the Qur'an and As Sunnah.

[Second] Not including the morals and habits of the salafush sholih (the best generation of this ummah), it is even an act that is hated.

[Third] Not getting blessings in his time and practice.

[Fourth] Causing me to be lazy and uninspired for the rest of the day. The meaning of this can be seen from the words of Ibnul Qayyim. He Rahimahullah said, "The morning for a person is like when he was young and the end of the day is like when he is old." (Miftah Daris Sa'adah, 2/216). A person's deeds when he is young affects his deeds when he is old. So if someone is lazy in the early morning by sleeping a lot, then in the afternoon he will also be lazy too.

[Fifth] Hindering the arrival of good luck. Ibnul Qayyim said, "Four things that hinder the arrival of rizki are [1] sleeping in the morning, [2] praying a little, [3] being lazy and [4] betrayal." (Zaadul Ma'ad, 4/378)

[Sixth] Causing various bodily ailments, one of which is weakening the desire. (Zaadul Ma'ad, 4/222)

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