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Now the people of Prophet Lut are attached to the American flag. On the basis of gender equality, same-sex marriage is legalized by law. This is what will make the West naturally extinct.
The United States Supreme Court ruled that all 50 states must allow gay and lesbi couples to marry. This is a big change in one generation, Friday, 16/1/2015.
The ruling comes just months after a judge postponed the matter, and in October refused to hear an appeal of a ruling allowing same-sex marriage in five states.
The decision was hailed as a major surprise, and a victory for gay rights, and expanded the number of states that allow same-sex marriage to all states in the United States.
As a consequence of the Supreme Court ruling with that decision, there is now no state that can outlaw same-sex marriage. Initially, in nearly 36 states same-sex marriage took place, and more than 70 percent of Americans living among gay couples were able to marry.
Gay rights advocates hailed the court's move as one of the final steps in a decades-long journey towards equal treatment, and they expressed confidence they would win Friday.
"We have finally anchored the day when same-sex couples across the country will be able to share equally the joy, protection and responsibilities of marriage," said Jon W. Davidson, Legal Director of Lambda Legal.
Previously, US President Barack Obama approved same-sex marriage. Obama's attitude is parallel with the ideology of the liberal Democrats. With the decision of the United States Supreme Court, inevitably, 50 states of the United States will adopt that decision, and the victory of gay and lesbi couples to legally marry, and protected by law.
Meanwhile, in almost all European Union countries, their parliaments have ratified laws that allow same-sex marriage. Thus, same-sex marriage becomes legal, and no longer violates the law. Same-sex marriage has become a trend in European Union countries. Not something that is 'haram' or seen as strange or abnormal.
France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and a number of European Union countries, including Brazil and Argentina, have ratified same-sex marriage parliaments. The trend of the development of the people of the Prophet 'Lut' is getting stronger in mainland Europe, including in America and Latin America.
Precisely 'traditional' marriage (between men and women) in the West (Europe and America), has been considered as deviant behavior. The new trend is actually reversed, namely same-sex marriage, which is now a trend. Even French President Francois Hollande has become an 'exemplary', living in cohabitation with multiple partners, without marriage ties.
Pastors and Rabbis no longer feel awkward about marrying same-sex couples in churches and synagogues. It has become a common sight in mainland Europe and America, where Pastors and Rabbis give blessings to same-sex couples.
Indeed, women in the West are no longer interested in children. They are more interested in animals. A type of dog or cat they love is compared to a 'baby'. They enjoy free sex. No responsibility. Until Western society, they can no longer enjoy inter-sex relations (male-female). So they choose to have a new sexual relationship, namely with the same sex.
In fact, Western society is still noble animals. Because animals do not do same-sex marriage. No animals do same-sex marriage. For example, no male dogs have intercourse with male dogs. So Western humans are still more noble than animals, compared to humans in the West, today.
Because of this, population growth continues to decline, and even in some Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, population growth is minus. It's not strange now that the number of elderly people (gerentology) is getting bigger and the majority are in the West. People who are over 50 years old grow bigger.
Because of this, Western culture and civilization has shrunk and is no longer a pioneer of world progress civilization. This is illustrated by the economic crisis, since 2008, and until now the economies in the United States and the European Union, are no longer able to recover.
All of this will only push the scenario of the extinction of the West, not because of a terrorist attack, but as a result of their civilization which is 'kufr' and 'false' has given birth to the destruction of their future. The ideology of materialism and democracy that gave birth to this freedom has brought it to extinction.
Including church institutions only gave birth to a very dirty life. Where almost all over the world, priests and priests have been involved in sexual abuse of children. Because, the church's doctrine forbids them from marrying. In fact, the UN human rights commission has condemned the church, due to the dirty practices of the priests.
In a number of European countries, there are gays who become priests, and the couple's 'gay' pastors also get married in a church. This deviant practice of the church was common.
All this destruction will take place naturally. The West will slowly become extinct, without wars and attacks from anywhere. This is for sure. As a result of their civilization which is false and kufr. Wallahu'alam.

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