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Prophet Idris AS

Not much information is available about the story of Prophet Idris in the Koran or in the books of Tafsir and the history books of the prophets. In the Al-Quran, there are only two verses about Prophet Idris, namely in Surah Maryam verses 56 and 57:

"And tell them (O Muhammad, the story of) Idris that is in the Koran. Verily he is a very righteous person and a prophet. 57 - And We have raised him to a high dignity." { Maryam : 56 - 57 }

Prophet Idris is the sixth descendant of the Prophet Adam son of Yarid bin Mihla'iel bin Qinan bin Anusy bin Syith bin Adam AS and is the first descendant to be blessed with prophethood to become a Prophet after Adam and Syith.

Prophet Idris according to a history of living in Egypt where he preached for the religion of Allah taught monotheism and worship of worshiping Allah and gave some life guidelines for his followers to save themselves from torment in the hereafter and destruction and destruction in the world. He lived to be 82 years old.

Among some of the advice and words of wisdom are:
1 . Patience accompanied by faith in Allah brings victory.
2 . Happy people are people who are alert and expect intercession from their Lord with their good deeds.
3 . If you ask Allah for something and pray, then let your intentions be as well as your fasting and prayer.
4 . Do not swear when you lie and do not demand oaths from lying people so that you do not partner with them in sin.
5 . Obey your kings and submit to your superiors and always fill your mouths with thanksgiving and praise to God.
6 . Do not be jealous of those who have good fortune, because they will not enjoy the goodness of their destiny much and long.
7 . Whoever goes beyond simplicity nothing will satisfy him.
8 . Without sharing the blessings he gets, one cannot be grateful to Allah for the blessings he gets.
In connection with the word of Allah that the Prophet Idris was appointed to a high rank, Ibn Abi Hatim in his interpretation narrated that the Prophet Idris died when he was in the fourth heaven brought by an Angel Wallahu a'alam bissawab

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