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Let's Read, This is the Complete Story of Prophet Sulayman AS

Prophet Solomon is one of the sons of Prophet David. Since he was still an eleven-year-old child, he has shown signs of intelligence, brain sharpness, clever thinking and thoroughness in considering and taking a decision.

Prophet Sulaiman A Jury

When David, his father occupied the throne of the Bani Isra'il kingdom, he always accompanied him in every court session held to deal with disputes and disputes that occurred in the community. He was deliberately taken by David, his father attended court hearings and partnered with him in handling royal affairs to train him and prepare him as a crown prince who would replace him to lead the kingdom, when the time came for him to fulfill the divine call to leave this mortal world. And indeed Solomon is the smartest among his fellow brothers who are even older than him.

An event that showed his intelligence and brain sharpness happened at one of the court hearings that he also attended. in that meeting two people came to complain asking Prophet Daud to judge their dispute, that is that the vegetable garden of one of the two men was entered by his friend's goats at night which resulted in the destruction of his property which he had been tending for so long until it was close to harvest time . The friend who was complained about admitted the truth of his friend's complaint and that it was his livestock that destroyed his friend's garden and yard.

In the dispute, Daud decided that as compensation suffered by the owner of the garden due to the destruction of his neighbor's pet goats, the owner of the goats should hand over his pet to the owner of the garden as compensation caused by his negligence in taking care of his livestock. However, Sulaiman, who heard the decision made by his father, which he felt was not correct, said to the father: "O my father, according to my judgment, the decision should read as follows: To the owner of the property whose crops have been destroyed, his neighbor's livestock are handed over to be cared for, the harvest is taken and used for his needs,

The decision proposed by Sulaiman was well received by the two people who sued and were sued and were welcomed by the people who attended the trial with a sense of admiration for Sulaiman's intelligence and intelligence, who, despite being young, had shown maturity in thinking and the courage to give birth to opinions even though they were not in accordance with his father's opinion. .
This event is the beginning of the life history of Prophet Sulaiman which is full of prophetic miracles and God's grace bestowed on him and his father Prophet David.

Sulaiman Occupying His Father's Royal Throne

From a young age Sulaiman was prepared by David to replace him to occupy the throne of the Bani Isra'il kingdom.
Abang Sulaiman whose name is Absyalum does not allow himself to be passed by his younger brother. He thinks that he should be the crown prince and not his younger brother who is physically weaker and younger and has not had much life experience like him. Because of this, he held a grudge against his father who, according to his opinion, was unfair and had violated his rights as the first heir to the throne of the Bani Isra'il kingdom.

Absyalum was determined to rebel against his father and would fight tooth and nail to wrest power from his father or brother at whatever cost he had to achieve that goal. And as a preparation for his plan of rebellion, from a distance he tried to approach the people, showing affection and love for them to help solve the problems they faced and unite them under his influence and leadership. It was not uncommon for him to expand his influence, standing at the door of the palace intercepting people who came to appear before the king and handled the problems they asked for resolution himself.

Having felt that his influence had spread among the people of Bani Isra'il and that he had succeeded in winning the hearts of most of them, Absyalum considered that the time had come to carry out a coup d'├ętat and take power from his father by force. Then he spread his spies all over the country inciting the people and giving a sign to the supporters of his plan, that when they hear the sound of the trumpet, then they should immediately gather, crowd him and then announce his appointment as the king of Bani Isra'il in place of David his father.

Syahdan one morning when David was sitting in the palace porch talking with his princes and government advisers, the people's voices were heard shouting for Absyalum's appointment as king of the Children of Israel to replace David who was demanded to step down from his throne. The situation in the city became chaotic when the security riots got out of control and fights broke out everywhere between people who were pro and contra to Absyalum's rule.

Prophet David felt sad to see the commotion and chaos that hit his country, due to the actions of his own son. But he tries to control his emotions and refrain from actions and actions that can exacerbate the situation. He decided to avoid unwanted bloodshed, left the palace and ran with his workers across the Jordan to the Mount of Olives. And as soon as David left the city of Jerusalem, Absyalum entered the city accompanied by his followers and immediately occupied the royal palace. Meanwhile the Prophet David performed istikharah and munajat to God on the Mount of Olives asking for taufiq and His help to save his kingdom and country from calamity and collapse due to the actions of his rebellious son.

After holding a prayerful prayer and prayer to God, David finally decided to immediately hold a counter-action against his son and sent an army of his followers who were still loyal to him to Jerusalem to retake the royal palace of Bani Isra'il from the hands of Absalom. He ordered the commander of his forces who would attack and storm the palace, to act wisely and as much as possible to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and killing, especially regarding Absyalum, his son, he ordered that his soul be saved and that he be captured alive. However, fate has decided otherwise than what the father wanted for his son.

With the killing of Absalom, David returned to his throne and peace returned to the city of Jerusalem as before. And after occupying the throne of the Bani Isra'il kingdom for forty years, Prophet Daud died at an advanced age and was crowned as Sulaiman's heir as his father had bequeathed.

Solomon's Power Over Jinn and Other Creatures

Prophet Sulaiman who had full power over the kingdom of the Bani Isra'il which was expanding and widening, Allah had subjected him to other creatures, namely the Jinn of the wind and the birds, all of which were under his orders to do what he wanted and carry out all his commands. Besides that, Allah also gave him a gift in the form of flowing copper liquid from underground to be used for construction works of buildings, making plates as big as pools of water, pots that remained on the stove which was done by His Jin troops.

As one of the miracles given by Allah to Solomon is his ability to catch the meaning contained in the voices of the animals and conversely the animals can also understand what he commands and says.
Thus when Prophet Sulaiman traveled in a large caravan consisting of humans, jinn and other animals, heading to a place called Asgalan, he passed through a valley called the ant valley. There he heard an ant saying to his friends: "O ants, go all of you into your nest, so that you will be safe and not be destroyed by Sulaiman and his army without him being aware and on purpose.

Prophet Sulaiman smiled and laughed at the voice of the frightened ant. He told that to his followers while thanking God for His grace that enabled him to hear and understand the meaning contained in the ant's voice. He was amazed that even animals understood that God's prophets would not disturb any creature on purpose and in a conscious state.
Solomon and Queen Balqis

After Prophet Sulaiman built Jerusalem and performed the Hajj according to his vow, he continued his journey to Yemen. When he arrived in San'a - the capital of Yemen, he called the hood-hud bird, a type of woodpecker, to be told to find a source of water in the barren dry place. It turned out that the hooded birds that he called were not among the birds that were always in the place to do the duties and orders of Prophet Sulaiman. Prophet Solomon was angry and threatened to teach the absent bird Hud-hud if he came without a clear reason and excuse.

Said the Hud-hud bird that landed in front of Sulaiman while bowing his head in fear:: "I have made a reconnaissance flight and found something very important for your majesty to know. I have found a large and luxurious kingdom in the land of Saba that is controlled and ruled by a queen. I saw a queen sitting on a magnificent throne strewn with glittering jewels. I saw the queen and her people did not know God the Creator of the universe who had bestowed upon them the enjoyment and happiness of life. They did not worship and prostrate themselves to Him, but to the sun. They prostrate to him at sunrise and sunset. They have been led astray by Satan from the straight and true path."

Said Sulaiman to Hud-hud: "Okay, this time I forgive your sins because of the news you brought which I consider important to note and to confirm the truth of your news, take this letter of mine to Saba and throw it into the palace of the queen you mean, then return as soon as possible, while we wait for further developments on how the queen of Saba will answer my letter."
HUd-hud flew back to Saba and upon arrival on top of Saba's royal palace, the letter of Prophet Sulaiman was thrown right in front of Queen Balqis who was sitting majestically on her throne. He was surprised to see a letter falling from the air right in front of his face. He then raised his head to look up, wanting to know where the letter came from and who disrespectfully threw it right in front of him. Then the queen took the letter, opened it and read its contents which read: "In the Name of God the Most Merciful and Merciful, this letter is from me, Sulaiman. Do not be arrogant towards me and consider yourselves higher than me. Come to me and surrender."

After reading the letter of Prophet Sulaiman repeatedly, Queen Balqis summoned her superiors and royal advisers to gather to discuss what action should be taken regarding the letter of Prophet Sulaiman that she received.
The nobles blessed him when he was asked for his consideration: "O majesty lord queen, we are princes who were raised and educated to fight and fight and not to be thinkers or planners who should give you consideration or advice. We leave it to you to make a decision will bring good to the kingdom and we will obey and carry out all your orders and decisions without hesitation. We will not be afraid to face all threats from wherever they come in order to protect your safety and the safety of your kingdom."

Such a thing is a natural consequence of every war experienced by human history from time to time. So facing Sulaiman's letter containing the threat, I will try to soften his heart by sending a royal gift that will consist of valuable and high-quality items that can dazzle his heart and dazzle his eyes and I will see how he responds and reacts to my gift that and how he received my messenger in his palace.

While Queen Balgis was getting ready to arrange the royal gifts to be sent to Sulaiman and choosing the people who would be the royal envoys bringing gifts, arrived in front of Prophet Sulaiman the bird watching Hud-hud informed him of Balqis's plan to send envoys bringing gifts for him as an answer on his letter to him.
After hearing the news brought by Hud-hud, Prophet Sulaiman arranged plans to receive Queen Balqis' envoy and ordered his Jin troops to prepare and build a magnificent building that was incomparably dazzling, so that the eyes of Balqis' envoys would dazzle when they arrived.

So how will I be able to be persuaded with such possessions and gifts? I cannot be neglected from the obligation of my prophetic preaching by material possessions and gold even if this earth is full. You have been blinded by worldly things and splendor, so much so that you look up to this gift you bring and think that our eyes will be dazzled by the gift of your Queen. Go back and tell him that we will send a very strong and invincible army to the land of Sheba and will drive your queen and her followers out of her land as despicable people who have lost their kingdom and greatness, if they do not immediately fulfill my demands and come surrender to me." so that you look at this gift that you bring and think that our eyes will be dazzled by your Queen's gift. Go back and tell him that we will send a very strong and invincible army to the land of Sheba and will drive your queen and her followers out of her land as despicable people who have lost their kingdom and greatness, if they do not immediately fulfill my demands and come surrender to me." so that you look at this gift that you bring and think that our eyes will be dazzled by your Queen's gift. Go back and tell him that we will send a very strong and invincible army to the land of Sheba and will drive your queen and her followers out of her land as despicable people who have lost their kingdom and greatness, if they do not immediately fulfill my demands and come surrender to me."

The Balqis mission returned to report to the Queen what they experienced and what Prophet Sulaiman had said. Balqis thought that the best way to save himself and his kingdom was to just give in to Solomon's demands and come to meet him at his palace.
Prophet Sulaiman wanted to show Queen Balqis that he had supernatural powers in addition to his natural powers and that what he had threatened through the delegation was not an empty threat. So he asked his team of Jinn, who among them is willing to bring the throne of Queen Balqis before her people come to surrender.

Said Ifrit, an astute genie: "I was able to bring the throne from Queen Balqis's palace before you could stand up from your seat. I am your strong and trustworthy messenger.
Another one with knowledge and wisdom said: "I will bring the throne here before you can close your eyes."
When Prophet Sulaiman saw the throne of Balqis already in front of him, he said: This is one of God's gifts to me to try whether I am grateful for His grace or deny Him, because whoever is grateful then it is only for his own good and whoever denies the blessings and grace of God, he will lose in this world and in the hereafter, and indeed God is Rich and Glorious."

In anticipation of the arrival of Queen Balqis, Prophet Sulaiman ordered his men to slightly change the shape and color of the Queen's throne that was already in front of him then after the Queen arrived with her entourage, Prophet Sulaiman asked pointing to his throne: "Is this like your throne?" Balqis replied: "As if this is my own throne," while wondering in his heart, how is it possible that his throne is here when he was sure that it was in the palace when he left Saba.

While Balgis was in a state of confusion, surprised to see that the throne of his kingdom had moved to Sulaiman's palace, he was brought into a room that was purposely built for his reception. The floor and walls are made of white glass. Balqis immediately revealed her clothes over her calves while in the room, thinking that she was on a pool of water that could wet her body and clothes.
Prophet Sulaiman said to him: "You don't need to open your clothes. You are not on a pool of water. What you see is the white glass that is the floor and walls of this room."

"Oh, my God," Balqis said, realizing his own weakness against the greatness and power of God shown by Prophet Solomon, "I have been lost for a long time and turned away from You, neglecting Your favors and graces, harming and oppressing myself until I fell from light and mercy -You. Forgive me. I submit myself to Sulaiman Your Prophet with sincerity and full confidence. Have mercy on me, O Most Merciful and Most Compassionate God."

Such is the story of Prophet Solomon and Balqis Queen of Saba. And according to exegetes and historians of the prophets, that Prophet Sulaiman eventually married Balqis and from his marriage a son was born.
According to the confession of the Ethiopian emperor of Abyssinia, they are the descendants of Prophet Solomon from the prince of his marriage with Balqis. Wallahu alam bisshawab.

Death of Prophet Sulayman

The Quran tells us that there were no signs of Solomon's death except for the termites that ate his staff that he leaned on when God took his soul. The Jinn who were working on the building on his orders did not know that Prophet Solomon had died except after they saw Prophet Solomon fall on the floor, as a result of the fall of his support staff which was eaten by termites. If the Jinns had known beforehand, surely they would not have continued with the work they considered humiliating torture.

The various stories that people associate with the verse that tells of the death of Prophet Solomon, but because those stories are not supported and strengthened by a definitive authentic hadith, then we should stick to what is told by the Al-Quran and then God knows best and to -His we surrender.

The story of Prophet Solomon can be read in the Al-Quran, surah An-Naml verse 15 to verse 44

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