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 Tips for Increasing Domain Rating, Lets Read This

  The following are several ways to increase your website domain rating:

1. Create quality content. In order for your domain rating to increase, your website must contain quality content. The content must present complete information and be easy to understand for people who are looking for it. No less important, your content must provide solutions for website visitors. For this reason, you can start by doing keyword research before creating content. Don't forget, also pay attention to the search query in "people also ask" so you know what information to insert in the content. If the information in your content is useful, website visitors will not hesitate to share the content by embedding the link on their website. That way, the credibility of your website increases and you automatically get backlinks.

2. Exchange Backlinks with Credible Websites. Armed with quality content, you can do link building well. That way, you can get lots of backlinks by exchanging links. The tip is to prioritize websites with a high domain rating. But remember, the website you are inviting to do link building must have a topic that is relevant to your website, OK? That way, you not only get backlinks, but also maintain the quality of the links.

3. Optimize Internal Links Internal links as links between pages on your website that have relevant topics can also increase DR. Because, a good internal linking strategy will show that the information on your website is complete and useful. For example, in your content that discusses SEO there is a link to content about on-page SEO. That way, visitors can easily learn one of these SEO techniques in more depth.

4. Share Your Content in Different Formats To have a high DR score, you can share content in different formats. For example, videos, podcasts, and social media posts. You don't need to cover the entirety of your main content information. Just give the big picture, then invite your audience to read the complete information on your website. That way, the source of visitors who are likely to share your website content is not only Google searches, but also from other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. As a result, it will be easier for you to get free backlinks.

  5. Don't forget about technical SEO. How to increase your domain rating score doesn't just involve getting backlinks, you know. You also shouldn't forget about implementing technical SEO. Efforts such as optimizing loading speed, overcoming broken links, and improving website structure do not directly affect the DR score. However, this can have an impact on the experience of website visitors. If you provide a good visitor experience, it shows Google that your website is credible.

source: https://www.niagahoster.co.id/blog/domain-rating/#Mengapa_Domain_Rating_Penting

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