SCAM ALERT: Angelina Jolie death hoax

SCAM ALERT: Angelina Jolie death hoax


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A scam centered around actress Angelina Jolie is tricking internet users into clicking a possibly malicious link. The scary thing is, it COULD be posted by one of your friends. The spam is using existing Facebook accounts to spread the possible virus without the user’s consent.

The link usually cites CNN or ABC, but neither news outlets are reporting such a story.

If you think your account may have been hacked, you should report it immediately to prevent the scam from spreading further. Angelina Jolie was a top trend on Facebook Sunday morning due to the widespread sharing of the spam. If you encounter the link on a friend’s account, report it as spam and do not open it.

Spammy Facebook post by hacked friend’s account.


Hacker Twitter link.


According to Snopes, “The referenced Facebook post linked to a clickbait web site known for sharing celebrity death hoaxes. In recent weeks, the same outlet has falsely claimed thatVin DieselNicolas CageJaden Smith,Jim Carrey and John Cena have passed away:”

No legitimate reports have surfaced with any mentions of the actress’s death


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