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Every blogger or web owner always wants to index his/her website or blog in Google as soon as possible in order to try various methods to expose his/her blog like link building and submitting their website or blog in different search engines. However, maximum or not all the bloggers gets quick success in index his/her website and so keeping the fact I n mind, I’m going to share a method to indexa new website or blog with 5 minutes in Google. 

The whole methods that I am going to share are divided into three parts or step. Here I have explained all these one by one: -


Step 1) Adding a new website or blog within 5 minutes in Google

 First of all sign in to your Google webmaster tool using your Google account. Now a new window will open with an option of Add a site button. Click on Add a site button and enter the URL of your site or blog and click on to continue button. 

That’s it; you successfully added your new website or blog in Google webmaster tool.

Step 2) Verifying Your New Website or Blog in Google webmaster tool

The steps mentioned above are about how to add a blog or website in webmaster tool and in second step I am going to share the method to verify your site or blog. To verify your account, first of all open the webmaster homepage again and a list of sites which are added by you appears on your screen.

Now, click on verify option on the screen just below the list of the sites. Now, a new window will open containing different methods for verification of your sites. There are two options of verification namely recommended and alternate methods and in my opinion using alternate method is better than recommended as it just need a simple code insertion before </head>  section. But in case if your site is hosted on any server then you have to verify your site by uploading an html file as well.

Once you complete this step, then it’s time to click on verify button to verify your site. That’s you have provided your new site as well so proceed to next and final step.

Step 3) Adding A sitemap of your website in webmaster tool

>> To add a sitemap of your site to the Google webmaster tool then again open the homepage ofGoogle webmaster tool. A new window will open in front of your screen and then click on add/test sitemap button.

Now in next page you have to provide the URL of your sitemap page which usually consists of XML codes. Now, provide the address of your sitemap page in the space. Once done click on ‘’submit site map’’ button. After clicking on sitemap button then you have completed the step and it’s time to move to the next step.

4) Fetch Your Website as Google

>> Open the Home Page of Google Webmaster tool and then it’s time to click on the desired site to see the dashboard of your site. Now, in dashboard click on crawl>> Fetch as Google…  You can choose and put the URL according to your choice means you can either use URL or you can insert all linked pages according to your choice. 

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