Sabtu, 21 Januari 2023

Yogurt is a food that has a sour taste, but its texture is very soft. Yogurt usually processed as favorite snack for you who want to snacking healthy food. This snack health is has many benefits for our body. The benefits of yogurt that you can know such as keep our health bones, lowering weight, lowering the blood pressure, and other benefits..

Yogurt can use as mixed food and can be processed to become various healthy food menu that inspiring appetite. Are curious about that menu from yogurt? These are some menu namely:

1.    Ice cream popsicle
If you want to make this menu, you need some ingredients such as:
-          200 gram of yogurt low fat (You can choose yogurt brand of Yummy Dairy)
-          180 gram of fruit juice without sugar
-          1 tablespoon of vanilla extract or honey
After all ingredients have ready, you can prepare bowl then combine all ingredients. Stir them well. Pour the dough into ice cream mold, and then put in the refrigerator for 1 hour until the ice cream frozen.

2.    Salad Creamy
To make this healthy menu, you need some ingredients such as:
-          ½ cup of plain yogurt (Yummy Dairy brand)
-          ½ cup of mayonnaise low fat
-          ½ cup of skim milk
-          some fruits
After all the ingredients have ready, you can pour mayonnaise, yogurt, and milk. Stir them until well. The, prepare plate and add some fruits and pour the salad sauce into that fruits.

3.    Cream soup Yogurt
To make this menu, you need some ingredients such as:
-          1 tablespoon of olive oil
-          asparagus
-          leek
-          spinach
-          lemon peel
-          black pepper
-          plain yogurt (Yummy Dairy brand)
-          salt

After all ready, cook asparagus for 7 until 10 minutes, then pour, leek, lemon peel and other ingredients. Then add broth. After it boiled, then pour spinach and yoghurt. Stir until well. And the last step is blending that soup until smooth.

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