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Hadith Mutawatir, Ahad and Masyhur and the example 

A. Hadith Mutawatir
Mutawatir in terms of language is mass fa'il musytaq tawatur meaning of At-At-tatabu or row.
Has the same meaning as the word "mutataabi ', meaning:" streak or convoy ", meaning the convoy between one another without any distance". was according to the terms is the hadith narrated by a large number of transmitters which according to custom, they agreed prior impossible to lie.
Mutawatir hadith is the hadith narrated by a number of transmitters which according to custom, it is impossible they agreed to lie, from beginning to end of the chain of the chain of transmission, in each Tabaqat or generation.
Thus, the hadith mutawatir is the hadeeth narrated by a large number of transmitters, which according to custom, generally can provide assurances that steady, to what they preached, and impossible before they agreed to lie, starting from the beginning of the chain of the sanad until the end of the chain of transmission.
Criteria Hadith mutawatir
As for the criteria that must be present in mutawatir hadith is as follows:
1. Narrated by a large number of narrators
2. The existence of continuity between the narrator in thabaqat (generation) with thabaqat first (generation) next.
That is the number of first generation and subsequent narrators must be balanced, meaning that if the first generation of 20 people, then the next generation must also be 20 or more. but if the first generation of 20 people, and then in the second generation 12 or 10, then the next generation 5 or less, then it can not be said to be balanced. The main purpose of the balance it so can tehindar of possibilities teejadinya menyampaika lie in the hadith.
The terms of Hadith Mutawatir
a. Number of narrators should be plenty. The scholars differed in determining the minimum number of elected and in the opinion of a minimum of ten narrators.
b. The narrator is a lot to be found in all thabaqat (generation) chains.
c. Rationally and according to the alkalinity (custom), the narrators-narrators are impossible agreed to lie.
News backrest is sensory and it is marked with the words used in a hadith narrated, like words: سمعنا (we've heard), رأينا (we've seen), لمسنا (we have touched) and others. As if the back of the news is reason alone, such as: opinion about the universe that are huduuts (new), it is not called mutawatir hadith.
Various Kinds of Hadith Mutawatir
a. mutawatir Lafzhi
Mutawatir Lafzhi kemutawatiran hadith narrators is still in the pronunciation. So if you found a large number of narrators gathered to narrate the various paths, which, according to the customs of impossible they agreed to do a lie, then the value contained in it, including "the science of belief" means reassuring for us that it was in the back to the menyabdakannya, that the Messenger of Allah.

Lied deliberately, let him take his place in Hell 
'' Anyone who commits a lie against me, then a decent seat is Hell ''
In this hadith sikapi downloading, different experts in providing comments, among others are:
- Abu Bakr al-Sairy stated that this hadith is narrated by 40 companions secaramarfu '
- Ibn Shalkah found this hadeeth narrated by 62 companions, including the 10 companions who are guaranteed to go to Heaven.
- Ibrahim al-Haraby and Abu Bakr al-Bazariy found this Hadit narrated by 450 companions.
b. mutawatir Ma'nawiy
Ma'nawiy Mutawatir hadith is a hadith different wording and interpretation of the history and the history of rapprochement meaning lainnyam but there secaraumum.
The point is that the hadith different perwinya in compiling editorial news, but the principle is the same.
Bringing peace be upon him and his hands until the whites of his armpits was seen in none of his supplication only in edema 
Prophet did not appoint him to duatangan in prayer than in prayer prayers RAIN sawmmengangkat and his hands looked white and white into two armpits.

He raises his hands the example of his shoulders 
When he saw the second show of hands parallel to his shoulders.
c. mutawaatir 'amali
is something you know easily that he was out of religion and has mutawatir among Muslims that the Prophet taught him or sent him or apart from it. From this it can be said about what has been agreed.
An example is the news that explains the time and cycles of prayer, prayer corpse, prayer ied, hijab women who are not mahram, levels of charity, and all the charities that have been agreed, jima '.
Legal Hadith Mutawatir
Mutawatir hadiths contain definitive al tsubut law, provide information that would have the resources. Therefore it is not justified to deny someone mutawatir hadith, the scholars menghukumi Kufr even for those who deny the hadith mutawatir. Denying equal to belie the hadith mutawatir clear and definite information sourced from the Prophet.
Thus it can be understood that the acceptance of hadith mutawatir not require processes such as ahad hadith. Quite premises rests on the amount, which the figures can be believed truth brought khabar. As the history books inform that there is a companion of the Prophet named Umar bin Khattab, even if we've never seen it, but we remain confident that the information is correct.

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Ahad is the Arabic language that comes from the base Munday (احد), meaning that one (واحد, or bully), so khabar wahid is a Habar narrated by one. was according to the terms hadith ahad hadith is that do not meet the terms of the hadith mutawatir.
Ahad hadith classification
The amount of each narrator thabaqah, maybe one, two, three, or even many, but not to the level of mutawatir.
Various Hadith Ahad
a. hadiths Masyhur
1) Definition of Hadith tMasyhur
Famous hadith is the hadith narrated by more than three narrators and has not reached the limits of mutawatir. When one thabaqahnya (levels) of the chain there are three narrators thabaqat the famous hadith hadiths are categorized, even on thabaqah before or since there are many narrators.
Famous term often used to express the hadiths that are popular in a particular society or community. But the term is not related to the famous definition above. Such as traditions popular among المسلم اخو المسلم hadith expert, popular among لاضرر ولا ضرر jurist, popular among scholars of fiqh proposal إذا حكم الحاكم ثم اجتحدفأصاب فله اجران and others.

2) Hadiths Mustafidl (another name of a famous hadith)
According to the language of the word "mustafidl" shaped isim fail of the word "istifadla", said fragments of the word "Faadla". That is something that is scattered.
According to the terms, definitions, there are three pendapat.Pertama mustafidl hadith, hadith mustafidl synonymous with famous hadith. The second, more specific than the famous mustafidl, because for mustafidl required number of transmitters on the two ends of the same sanadnya, ie at the beginning and end of the chain of transmission consists of three narrators, being famous is not. Third, mustafidl more common than famous, that is opposite a second opinion.
3) Another understanding of hadith known, meaning the hadith famed understood as a hadith that has been known among experts particular science or among the general public without regard to the provisions of the above conditions, ie the number of narrators narrated, so that may have only one point chains or not even originate (bersanad) though.
b. hadiths Aziz
Aziz hadith is the hadith narrated by two or three narrators in one thabaqahnya. This is the definition Ibn Salah and followed by Imam Nawawi. Hadith of two or three transmitters can be categorized aziz. Ibn Hajar more inclined to vote for a definition of the man of two and three of the famous definition.
Examples of hadith are categorized aziz, among them:
I do not believe until I am dearer to him from his father and all the people
Meaning: Not perfect faith love someone if he had not exceeded his love for his parents, children and everyone.

c. Gharib hadiths
Gharib hadith is a hadith which is narrated by one person in one thabaqahnya. So named because it appears to be alone, as if isolated from the other or away from the famous stage, let alone consecutive. Like people who go far estranged from his relatives. Gharib hadith scholars split into two based on the location of alienation:
1) Absolute Gharib, say so if in one sanadnya levels are just a narrator who narrates. For example, authentic hadith which reads:
Two words light on the tongue heavy in the balance Habibtan Rahman to the great Hallelujah Hallelujah and praise
Meaning: There are two light sentence to be spoken by the tongue but heavy weight scales and deeply loved by God, that sentence is Subhan wa bihamdih.
This hadith at the level companions narrated by Abu Hurairah only, similarly to the next level which is only narrated by a narrator.
2) Relative Gharib, the hadith in sanadnya there are differences that distinguish the conditions of the majority sanad. Gharib relative is not related to the number of transmitters, but rather on the condition that the foreign or different when compared with other sanad conditions.
Another term that is often akin to gharib is munfarid. Some scholars distinguish the two terms such as Al-Qoriy who later embraced by Nuruddin 'ITR. 'ITR considered that there were certain aspects that can not be commensurate, especially those associated with sample distribution.
Most other scholars actually equate the two terms, both etymologically and terminology.
They considered that the difference is not the essential problem, but not limited to the categorization of cases. This opinion was shared by Muhammad Adib Sholeh.
Legal Hadith Ahad
Ahad Hadith which maqbul (authentic quality), when dealing with legal issues, then according to scholarly, shall be carried out.
However, issues related to the question of faith, scholars disagree. Some say, that the Sunday tradition can be used as evidence to establish the matter of belief, because Sunday is authentic Hadith give faidah that make use of science and knowledge must be practiced. The second opinion, Hadith Ahad, although still unable to meet the requirements used as arguments against the establishment of the faith. Because Hadith Sunday dhanny make use status. The question of faith is a matter of confidence. So, the belief can not be based on indicators that still dhanny.

C. Hadith famous
Famous hadith is the hadith narrated by three people or more, for not attaining the level of mutawatir.
In response to this problem, some scholars say that it is the same with the famous hadith hadith mustafidl.
while others say it differently, jikamustafidl narrators of three or less, from the first to the last generation. And the hadith known more commonly than in mustafidl, meaning that the number of transmitters in every generation does not have to equal or balanced, so that if the first generation to the third generation perwinya only one, but the last generation of narrators beanyak, then it has been called the hadith praises, for example :
Famous hadith, takhrijed imam Bukhari from Ibn 'Umar:
The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, said God and peace but actions and intentions but each man what he intended 

The Messenger of Allah validity of deeds that with the intention and for every person to get anything that was it his intention.
Famous divided into:
- Masyhur the Sahih Hadith
- Hadith Masyhur that Hasan
- a famous Hadith Da'eef
Hadith classification Masyhur
The term famous applied to a hadith sometimes not to give the properties of hadith accordance with the provisions above, ie the number of narrator who narrates a hadith, but applied also to give nature a hadith that has fame among experts a particular science or society crowded.

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