Amazing, The largest and grandest Friday prayer in the history of Muslims

The debate about the validity of Friday prayers on the streets and whether there are examples of it in the past is increasingly coloring social media today. Especially after Muslims will perform Friday prayers on the streets of the capital during the upcoming 212 Islamic Defense Action.

It should be noted that in Islamic history, the grandest and most frequent Friday prayers were performed in 1453, precisely during the leadership of Sultan Muhammad Al Fath. It is noted that the Friday prayer stretches for 4 km from Marmara Beach to the Golden Horn Strait in the north.

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The illustration of the Friday prayer was performed about 1.5 km in front of the fortress of Constantinople while trying to conquer the Byzantine empire. Finally, Constantinople was successfully controlled and became the forerunner of the Ottoman Caliphate.

The victory is also evidence of the good news conveyed by the Prophet to his companions first. It was stated that a superpower like Rome would be defeated by the Muslims.

Abdullah said: When we were writing around Rasulullah sallallaahu alaihi wasallam, he was asked: Which of these two cities was opened first: Constantinople or Rumiyah?

The apostle replied, "The city of Heraclius was opened first." Namely: Constantinople. (Narrated by Ahmad, ad-Darimi, Ibn Abi Shaybah and al-Hakim)

Such is history which states that since the first Friday prayers on the streets have been carried out and one of them was during the time of Sultan Muhammad Al Fath. Wallahu A'lam. (Islamic da'wah)