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One of the breakthrough programs favored by MI Cibengang, Tasikmalaya is a program that is fostered to shape the character of children as leaders. In accordance with the school's first mission, which is to form the character of an Islamic leader. Children are educated in theory and practice. Starting from early habituation in the morning which includes praying Duha together, memorizing Juz Amma and the Koran to  other Islamic religious lessons  . Departing from the words of the Prophet  Muhammad SAW  which reads: "Teach your children to ride, swim and archery" (History of Sahih Bukhari/Muslim), MI Cibengang through two consultant teachers

the Indonesian Literacy School program, added another extracurricular program, namely archery. After the ongoing literacy program, it turns out that archery extracurricular activities are very attractive to children.

Archery was chosen as an additional program in schools in order to adapt to the school's mission, in addition to archery we can train physically and the main thing is to train emotions. Balance on the body when archery can train children to concentrate. The emotional level can also be seen from the results of the right target or even getting lost, where if the emotion is in a depressed condition, the arrows released will automatically be strayed. This program indirectly trains children in discipline, trains calm and stabilizes emotions.

The impact of this archery program has already begun to be felt, apart from attracting children's interest to continue learning and feeling very comfortable at school with the many activities available, motivation among students also continues. In the end, with this program, it is hoped that the character of leaders who can fight for religion, nation and state will be born in the future. (These programs support the equitable development of education in Indonesia and improve the quality of schools through da'wah.

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