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The Golden Domed Mosque In The World, Share This

1 . Jame' Asr Mosque or Bandar Seri Begawan Mosque in Brunei

The mosque, which is part of the Bolkiah Palace complex, was built in the mid-1980s to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah in power.

This mosque has 29 domes made of pure 24 carat gold. The building which is located in the middle of a beautiful garden has an area of ​​almost 2 hectares. The entire area of ​​the mosque is fenced with an iron lattice with a length of approximately 1,082 km. There are five entrances to this location, in addition to two special doors for the royal family and state guests.

This mosque has 4 minarets, each of which is 189 feet high, where there are about 297 steps on each of these towers. Through this tower, visitors can see the sights around the mosque and also views of Bandar Seri Begawan and Kampong Ayer.

2. Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, Iraq

Al-Askari Mosque is a Shia mosque which was built in 944 AD. This mosque is located in the city of Samarra, Iraq. But unfortunately this mosque was destroyed in February 2006 as a direct result of the United States invasion of Iraq.

3. Qubbah As Sakhrah Mosque / Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Palestine

The Qubbah As Sakhrah Mosque or known as the Dome of the Rock was built around 690M by Abdul Malik bin Marwan who was one of the kings of the Umayyads and then followed by the construction of the Aqsa Mosque which was completed in 710M.

This mosque used to be - maybe until now - considered the Al Aqsa mosque. Clarification of this can be seen on Harry Sufehmi's blog. Some people also think that this building is not a mosque but just a pile of large stones.

4. Suneri Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan

The Suneri Mosque has 3 golden domes. One main dome, 2 others on the right and left. This mosque was founded by Nawab Syed Bhikari Khan, son of the Deputy Governor of Lahore in 1753 AD.

5. The Sultan Mosque of Singapore

In 1928, as soon as he received SGD 3000 from the British Trade Association, the Sultan of Singapore immediately renovated a mosque in the Little India area. Changes include replacing the old dome with a gold dome. This mosque soon became the largest mosque in Singapore, out of around 80 existing mosques.

It's different in Singapore. No matter how big the mosque is built here, not even 1 dB of sound

the call to prayer may be recited. "Disturbing the peace," someone said. Even though Muslims need unique prayer reminders such as the call to prayer, because the government does not understand the essence of "call to prayer" the call to prayer is prohibited. Because they are a minority, Muslims in Singapore remain silent. Unmoved. Silence is also an option and they sound the call to prayer through the speakers in the mosque's room only: it doesn't come out.

The only (probably) mosque that can sound the call to prayer is the Sultan mosque around Arab Street. The Sultan Mosque is the second oldest mosque in Singapore and is categorized as national heritage. Because of this, it gets an exception.

6. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque Brunei

Brunei has 2 gold-domed mosques. The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque was the first to be built. Entered into use in 1958, this mosque is located in the middle of a clean artificial lake. The dome is made of 24 carat gold. The construction cost was USD 5 million. In his day, the Sultan Omar Ali Mosque was considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

7. Dian Al Mahri Mosque in Depok, Indonesia

The newest mosque with a golden dome is the Dian Al Mahri Mosque which is located in Depok, West Java, to be precise on Jalan Meruyung, Limo Village, Cinere District, Depok. This mosque was started to be built in 1999, and was inaugurated in April 2006. This mosque is privately owned by Hajjah (Hj) Dian Djurian Maimun Al-Rasyid, a businessman from Serang, Banten and owner of the Islamic Center of the Dian Al-Mahri Foundation .

This mosque has a building area of ​​8,000 square meters and stands on an area of ​​70 hectares. In general, mosque architecture follows the architectural typology of mosques in the Middle East with characteristics of domes, minarets (minarets), inner courtyards (plazas), and the use of decorative details or decorations with geometric elements and obelisks, to reinforce the Islamic characteristics of the architecture. Another feature is the entrance gate in the form of a portal and geometric decorations and an obelisk as an ornament.

The inner courtyard measures 45 x 57 meters and can accommodate 8,000 worshipers. The six minarets (minarets) in the shape of a hexagon, which symbolize the pillars of faith, rise 40 meters high. The six towers are clad in gray granite imported from Italy with circular ornaments. At its peak there is a 24-karat gold mosaic-coated dome. While the dome refers to the shape of the dome that is widely used in mosques in Persia and India. The five domes symbolize the pillars of Islam, all of which are covered in 24-karat gold plated mosaics whose material is imported from Italy.

In the interior, there are sturdy pillars that rise high to create a grand scale space. The mosque room is dominated by monochrome colors with the main element being beige. The material is made of marble imported from Turkey and Italy. In the center of the room hangs a lamp made of 2.7 tons of gold-plated brass, which was done by an Italian expert.

Around the mosque, a garden is made with a neat and detailed arrangement. In addition to the park, the residence of the founder of the mosque and a multipurpose building were also built which became a place for visitors to rest. As for parking, a land area of ​​7,000 square meters has been prepared that can accommodate 300 buses or 1,400 small vehicles.

To reach this location is quite easy, you can use public transportation from the Depok terminal (number 03) which goes to Parung Confused. From here you can use a motorcycle taxi to Jalan Meruyung/Islamsejatih

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