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Prayer is part of the ritual or worship of a servant with
his god in Islam, an obligation for a Muslim is to pray 5 times a day. Prayer movements are very beneficial for the health of the body. Each movement has its own advantages which, in essence, is the stimulation of cells and blood circulation in the body so that they work more optimally.

The following prayer movements are good for health:

1. Takbiratul ihram

This movement is done at the beginning of the prayer. By standing straight, raising both hands, then pressed in front of the chest. This movement will make breathing smooth and regular. In addition, the muscles of both hands and shoulders will contract, making them stronger and tighter.

2. Bow

This movement is done by bending the body forward, so that both hands rest on the heels. When bowing is done, the muscles around the back to the buttocks will experience contractions. Meanwhile, blood flow mainly in the body

the top will feel smoother. Both hands holding the heels will also be attracted, making it tighter.


This movement is done by placing the head on the floor mat, so that the forehead and the tip of the nose touch the floor mat. Meanwhile, the toes are bent and the palms also touch the floor mats. So that blood flow to the head will flow optimally.

4. Maximize brain function

Someone who prostrate properly and for a relatively long time regularly does not rule out being smarter and more creative. The prostration movement also makes the muscles from the neck to the feet react and contract, making them stronger and tighter.

5. Sit down

Sitting movements where the buttocks and thighs rest on the lower legs. This will cause the leg muscles to press so that blood circulation will be pumped more optimally. If done regularly, this sitting movement in prayer can prevent rheumatic pain or pain in the legs.

6. Greetings

This movement is done simply, namely just turning the head to the right and left to look back, just once. However, if done correctly, it will make the muscles in the neck more trained and tighter and the blood circulation will also run smoothly.

So perfect is not the benefit of prayer for our lives. In addition to getting the reward of prayer, it will also make our bodies much healthier without us having to do tiring work. Precisely prayer will bring extraordinary pleasure in our lives.

Source: tausiah - islamiyah

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