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The Kaaba as a holy place for Muslims has several uniqueness. This cube-shaped building located in the middle of the Grand Mosque in Mecca is a sacred monument for Muslims (Muslims), and is a building that is used as a benchmark for Qibla direction or a benchmark for things that are worshipful for Muslims around the world, such as pray. In addition, it is a building that must be visited or visited during the Hajj and Umrah seasons.

There are several unique phenomena related to the establishment of this sacred building, here are some of them:

1. Did you know that floods have often hit the Kaaba since the time of the caliph Umar Ibnul Khattab? This disaster occurred because the building of the Kaaba stood above the lowest valley in the city of Mecca. No wonder the Kaaba is often flooded when there is heavy rain. The Kaaba building, which at that time was still made of rocks glued together with soil or mud, suffered considerable damage when the floods hit.

2. Did you know that the Kiswa or blanket of the Ka`bah is made of pure black silk and is decorated with calligraphy embroidery that forms the number V (number seven in Arabic) using gold and silver plated threads? What's even more amazing is that the cloth costs 20 million riyals or around Rp. 50 billion, wow! There are five Kiswa covering the Kaaba. Four of them are used to cover the four sides of the Kaaba, including the top. While one more part to close the door.

Behind the black Kiswah that covers the Kaaba, it turns out that there is still a white cloth called the Bithana Kiswah. The cloth is useful for absorbing steam from the walls of the Ka`bah and blocking the heat absorbed by the Kiswa cloth. This cloth contains high absorption which is useful to prevent excessive heat which can cause damage to the walls of the Kaaba.

3. Did you know that the door of the Kaaba which is made of wood is actually covered with 280 kg of pure gold? Apart from the doors, the structures and decorations inside the Kaaba are also beautifully designed. The floor of the Kaaba is covered with colored ceramics and the roof

supported by three wooden pillars, each with a diameter of 44 cm. In addition, the roof structure of the Kaaba consists of two layers and the inner walls are covered by a screen made of green velvet cloth (this cloth is usually replaced every three years).

4. Did you know that the Kaaba is washed twice a year, namely on the 15th of Sha'ban and in the middle of Muharram? This washing ritual begins with the circumcision prayer of two cycles and continues with mopping the inside of the Kaaba using a white cloth soaked in rose water, Arabic fragrance (scented with oud wood), and perfume scented with musk (deer gland oil).

Furthermore, zamzam water is mixed with rose water which is sprinkled on the floor of the Kaaba and then mopped with bare hands and palm leaves (palm). After that, the floor and walls of the Kaaba will be dried with paper towels and white cloth before being doused again with the fragrance of oud and roses.

5. Did you know that a rather shocking discovery has been made by NASA? The discovery stated that the planet Earth emits radiation. Surprisingly, it turns out that the radiation is centered on the Kaaba. This radiation wave is infinite (endless). These waves are visible from the radiation that is still continuing when they take photos of the planet Mars. Regardless of whether this is true or not, some Muslim researchers believe that this radiation has its own characteristics that connect the Kaaba of planet Earth with the Kaaba in the afterlife.

NASA research also found that in the middle of the north pole and south pole there is an area called the Zero Magnetism Area. This is an area with a balanced magnetic attraction (the attraction of the two poles is equal) so that the compass needle will not move at all in that area and Mecca is right in this area. That may be the reason why people living in Mecca live longer and healthier lives. They are not affected much by the force of gravity.

6. Did you know that the Black Stone is the oldest stone in the world and can also float on water? Apart from the Kaaba, the Black Stone can also be found in museums in England. In this museum, there are three pieces of the Kaaba stone. Uniquely, the museum said that the boulders did not come from our solar system.
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