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Choose Muslim Leaders That is Trust, Worship, and Command of Allah

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JAKARTA (afdhailahi.com)- In Islam, it is clear that there are rules for selecting leaders. He must have the basics of religion, such as believing in Allah and His Messenger.

"Electing a leader is worship, so corruption is not the basis. But faith, creed, and monotheism. Choosing Muslim leaders is God's order," said a religious leader, Fadlan R Garamatan via his personal Twitter account.

According to him, choosing a leader is the same as giving up a mandate in life. “Choosing a leader is handing over the mandate. Representing the true believer, deserve, and

entitled to receive the trust."

As for the prospective leader of the infidel, according to him, he does not believe in Allah and His Messenger, it is inappropriate because there is no obedience in it. “Kafir, in the view of the Qur'an, does not deserve to receive a mandate or does not deserve to be chosen because he is not connected to Allah. If you choose an infidel, it is tantamount to submitting or representing yourself as a believer to be governed by an infidel who has no connection with Allah himself.”

For now, in Indonesia there are several regional leaders whose backgrounds are not Muslim, one of which is in the capital city, namely DKI Jakarta. And in the upcoming elections, an incumbent DKI has stated that he will run as a candidate for governor for the 2017-2022 period. The leaders or clerics have also given warnings so that the Muslim community in DKI, especially not to vote for the incumbent.

(Source: voa-islam.com )

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