2 Bait Concoctions for Fishing for Jaruh Fish (Carp)

 2 Bait Concoctions for Fishing for Jaruh Fish (Carp)

The bait for fishing for Jaruh fish may be a bit difficult. The term Jaruh fish is a goldfish that is cranky and doesn't want to eat the bait we give even though we have tried to concoct even the most effective bait. This fish usually has been hooked before but released again. This Jaruh Goldfish just swims back and forth around the bait, as if it is indeed testing our patience. The Jaruh fish may be because they are served the same bait, without any variations so that the fish get bored. Or indeed he was traumatized by bait hook.
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But don't worry, you can try the following two bait recipes for fishing for the following baits to land fish that have given up on our previous bait.

1. Concoction for bait for Jaruh fish (goldfish) 1.
Prepare the ingredients needed in the form of: 1/2 pack of worm pellets, 1/2 pack of instant noodle flour, 1/2 kg of tuna, 8 jackfruit seeds and 100 grams of Kroto. Steps to make: brew pellets and instant noodle flour using enough hot water, don't let it runny. Canned tuna in a blender until soft. Jackfruit seeds are boiled and then the outer skin is peeled, blend until smooth. All the ingredients were mixed together,

knead until fluffier. If you want to use, the bait is sprinkled with Kroto first.

2. Concoction for bait for Jaruh fish (goldfish) 2
The ingredients needed are: worm pellets 1/2 pack, bread flour with the same dose as worm pellets, canned tuna 1/2 kg, betadine wound medicine 2 drops and Kroto 100 grams. How to make this bait, brew pellets with bread flour using hot water. Canned tuna in a blender until smooth. Mix all the ingredients together, add 2 drops of betadine, knead until it becomes fluffier. The sharp bait for fishing for this jaruh fish is made into small circles and sprinkled with kroto when it is thrown into the water.

Before you start fishing, you must stock up on the tools and assemble them until they are ready to use. For fishing for Jaruh fish, you can use a series with a float. It is a series commonly used anglers. This is because the sign of hooked fish is easy to detect. This fishing line is perfect for fishing in calm waters and has a depth of no more than 2 meters. You have to be able to accurately estimate the depth of this water so that the distance between the float and the bait is not too far which results in the fish escaping when the rod is pulled. It shouldn't be too short which causes the float to sink or the bait to float instead. Placement of the float is easy if you use a float pin and a rubber stopper so that the fishing line becomes practical on your fishing rod.