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Fishing is indeed a fun activity. Everyone seems to have a hobby of fishing, especially men. Fishing activity is an activity that doesn't make you tired, because we just sit back and relax while waiting for the bait to be eaten by hungry fish. However, fishing also requires special tactics so that fish can be hooked easily. Each type of fish has its own characteristics and difficulty level. One type of fish that is rather easy to catch is tilapia. The key is to provide precise fishing bait for tilapia that fits and is liked by these tilapia.

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Tilapia is a type of fish people's favorite. Tilapia fishing technique is also easy. The reason is that Tilapia is known as a greedy fish. Tilapia can eat anything, even when they are full they still want to eat. Tilapia has similarities with Mujair fish for its ease of fishing. So the price of Mujair and Tilapia fish is somewhat cheaper than Goldfish or Gurame which are rather difficult to catch.

ilapia is an omnivorous fish or eats all kinds of food. They prey on all kinds of bait, from bait in the form of moss, pellets, taro leaves to worms. However, it is best used as fishing bait

Tilapia is moss. The type of moss that can be used is green moss which often lives in stagnant water in rice fields, on the surface of lakes, swamps and so on. Some types of moss have a rough texture, but some are smooth. You can use both types of moss. This type of coarse moss is generally favored by large tilapia fish. On the other hand, small tilapia fish often eat fine lichens. However, coarse moss is rather difficult to attach to the hook.

Especially for fishing the Badot tilapia, the bait used is different from the bait used for fishing tilapia in general. Bait for the Badot Tilapia itself can be found around the Badot Tilapia environment, for example grasses, moss, water spinach, moths, bees, mealworms, grasshoppers, banana caterpillars and shrimp. After getting the right bait, what must be remembered next is the size of the bait to be used. Badot tilapia is a type of tilapia with a large size, for that use large bait.

There is also another way of fishing for tilapia, namely without using bait and hooks. It is enough to use strings, weights, swivels, and nets. However, this technique is not often used by anglers because the sensation obtained will not be as exciting as fishing using bait and hooks. After all, it's not bad if you also occasionally fish for tilapia using this method. If fishing for tilapia requires patience, providing accurate bait for fishing for tilapia also requires patience.

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