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5 Most Influential Female Pharaohs in Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Egypt is a nation from the African continent that has kept so many miracles in its past. Civilization in Ancient Egypt is the largest and most famous in the world that managed to create history to date. From this civilization, many big names emerged, such as the Pharaoh.

Pharaoh himself was a title for the kings who occupied the highest throne at that time and was synonymous with men who behaved like God. However, did you know that Pharaoh was not only a man? In fact, in ancient Egypt there was also a female pharaoh who once occupied the highest throne in a very splendid manner. Who were these female Pharaohs? Come on, see the following review!

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1. Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy Auletes (Ptolemy XII), one of the Ptolemy dynasty rulers of Ancient Egypt, a former confidant of Alexander The Great, the Macedonian ruler. Ptolemy XII had four daughters and two sons. However, all of them died very young.

Cleopatra is a world beauty icon to date. Cleoptara was born in 69 BC (BC) in Alexandria, Egypt and died at the age of 39 in 30 BC. She was one of the last female Pharaohs of Egypt to use "female" weapons to maintain her throne and influence within the kingdom. Cleopatra even made Julius Caesar the Roman Emperor bow at her feet.

Cleopatra was crowned queen at the age of 18 after she married her 12-year-old brother, who later became king Ptolemy XIV. In ancient Egyptian civilization, it was customary to marry siblings at that time, because as Pharaohs they were considered descendants of gods and only fellow gods could marry.

Many scientists say that Cleopatra was a sadistic figure, but Cleopatra herself said it was for the sake of her people and was willing to do anything to protect her people. His ambition was to succeed in making the kingdom great.

2. Nefertiti

Known as the ruler of the Nile and the daughter of the gods, Nefertiti was in full power in her time and is believed to have equal status with the pharaoh himself.

Nafertiti was originally the wife of a pharaoh named Akhenaten. But after her husband died, Nefertiti held that power for a while before a new Pharaoh named Tutankhamun ascended the throne and ruled ancient Egypt very great.

Long forgotten by history, Nefertiti rose to prominence when a bust of her was discovered in an artist's shop in Amarna in 1912, now the Altes Museum in Berlin.

The statue is now one of the most reproduced works from the Ancient Egyptian era. Nefertiti and her husband were the people who brought about major reforms to Egypt. He was the most religious and religious Pharaoh so that many people at that time were afraid of gods. When he came to power, the god Aten was the only god at that time.

3. Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut was the 5th Pharaoh of the 8th Dynasty who ruled in Ancient Egypt. Many scientists consider Queen Hatshepsut to be the most successful female Pharaoh in Egypt because her tenure is the longest of any female ruler.

With his wealth, he managed to build a project that raised the name of Ancient Egyptian architecture comparable to any classical architecture. This building was unrivaled by other cultures for approximately 1000 years. One of the most famous buildings to date is the temple of Hatshepsut and the temple of Karnak.

From the results of archaeological research, Queen Hatshepsut allegedly died from lotion, where they found a toxic carcinogen substance in the queen's cosmetic bottles. Previously, Hatshepsut reportedly died of bone cancer in 1458 BC.

4. Sobekneferu

Ancient Egyptian historians recognize her as the most successful female pharaoh. He ruled during the 18th Dynasty starting in 1473 BC. Sobekneferu ruled Egypt for about four years before being succeeded by another male pharaoh who still had the blood of Amenemhat III.

He strengthened his grip on power by decorating the temples of the gods, putting up an image of himself as a pharaoh wearing traditional dress and all the symbols of leadership including a sharp beard.

When carrying out state affairs, surrounded by male advisers, she wore men's clothing. Although, in the early days of her reign, the woman often wore body-fitting dresses that showed her curves.

5. Twosret

Twosret was the last Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt. She is also known as Site Meryamun or which means "beloved daughter of the god Amun (the Egyptian god)".

Excavations carried out by the University of Arizona on the Egyptian expedition, at the temple of Gournah have strong suspicions that her reign lasted for 9 years which means she probably reigned for 2 or 3 years as the female Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt in 9 AD where there were many great battles. who went to war over the territory of Troy.

The tomb of Tworset was found in a very deep valley. Even the contents of his coffin have been reused to bury Amenherkhepeshef. However statues of Twosret have been found in the Heliopolis area as well as Thebes.

So, that was the information about some of the most influential Ancient Egyptian female Pharaohs of their time in history that researchers and archaeologists have found. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us and thank you for reading.

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