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A brief history of the origins of courtship in the world

The History of the Origin of Dating in the World According to Om Wikipedia Dating is a process of acquaintance between two human beings who are usually in a series of stages of seeking compatibility towards family life known as marriage. In reality, the application of the process is still very far from its true purpose. Humans who are not old enough and are still far from being ready to meet the requirements for marriage have clearly adopted traditions that they should not have done.

According to Mimin WebHistory's version, Dating is a relationship between a boy and a girl who goes through a process known as a pedestal, usually a pedestal begins with introductions, sms, telephone, asking for a date, and then the final process is "say love".
History of the Origin of Courtship in the World

In one of his speeches, Habib Segaf bin Mahdi bin Shaykh Abubakar bin Salim Allahu yarhamuh, alluded to the tradition of dating. According to him, the tradition of courtship began in the time of Prophet Noah As. Prophet Noah As. commanded by Allah SWT. to build an ark, because at that time Allah wanted to punish his rebellious people.

After the ark was made, Noah began calling on his people to participate in the ark. It was at that moment that the people who disobeyed, namely those who did not

heed the call of his own prophet because Allah is about to bring down a flash flood. Of the many followers, only a few obeyed the invitation of his prophet.

Apart from among the humans who participated, Prophet Nuh As. also invites animals of various types with their respective partners. That's because they will start a new life after the flash flood is receded by Allah SWT.

Prophet Noah As. shouted: "O my people and all the animals that participate with me, hold you all from having intercourse. Because this ark is too full to accommodate me and you. We will start a new life when this flash flood stops. O my Lord, let us in a place full of blessings. For verily You are the best One who gives a place.”

This appeal was conveyed and heard by all passengers on Noah's ark. But there are those who break it, a pair of dogs seen being intimately dating their partners. This was finally reported by the cat to Nabiyullah Nuh As. Receiving the report, Prophet Noah also warned the two dogs not to do it again.

Because there is intention and opportunity, the two dogs repeat their actions until they lead to fondling each other. The cat, whose job is a voyeur, saw the incident and reported it back to Prophet Noah As.

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