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Fishing in sea waters is certainly different from in rivers or in ponds. Also the bait used. A number of the following seawater fishing baits can be used to target seawater fish. Sea fishing is perfect for those who like challenges and adventure. Except for challenging locations, the types of fish are mostly very aggressive. So it takes really careful preparation whether it's the boat to be used, strings, fishing rods and bait.
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Fishing bait at sea can be in the form of natural or artificial bait. Indeed artificial bait will be more practical and easier for us. But what the seasoned fishing hobbyist always likes is natural bait. On average they say that using natural bait will be more challenging because we must be able to choose and treat bait with certain handling. Natural sharp baits that can be used are squid, eel, bonito fish, flying fish, tuna, milkfish and Alu Alu. Each of these baits is only suitable for certain fish targets with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

1. Milkfish bait
Milkfish is the best fishing bait in the sea. The milkfish used ranges from the size of a finger up to 400 g in weight. Expert anglers prefer to use milkfish of the right size

big when the sea has small waves when compared to when the sea is calm. The reason is so that the target fish can immediately see the bait. The best is the bait in the form of fresh milkfish.

2. Eel bait
Since ancient times, eels have been used as white marlin fishing bait. However, some anglers use bait from other types of fish because it is difficult to put the eel on the hook even though this eel bait is the easiest to store. The best way to deal with eels is to fast them for 3 to 4 weeks. Then put the eel into the bucket, then add coarse salt. The salt will not only kill the eel but also get rid of the mucus in the eel's body. The most important thing is that it can cause the eel to produce a blue color which can attract the attention of the target fish.

3. Fish meat
bait Is the bait that is most often used today. This seawater fish fishing bait can be prepared from all types of fish by slicing or filleting. Very good is the small size of the tuna fish, where the sides of the body have a shiny silver color that can reflect sunlight in the water. This bait is prepared by making an incision in the side of the fish lengthwise. Furthermore, it is made similar to a fish that is still intact by stitching it.

If the bait for fishing for seawater fish is accurate, the weather is friendly, your skills are sufficient, generally any type of target fish will be hit. But sometimes even though all aspects are supportive, the luck factor also determines.

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