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Pomfret Fishing Bait

Fishing for pomfret is indeed very exciting because pomfret is an aggressive fish that is always on the move, so there are challenges in catching it. Concocting the right bait for fishing for pomfret is also not that difficult because this fish with a snout similar to that of a Piranha is an ubiquitous eater. Pomfret fish with the scientific name is Collossoma macropomum, in fact it is not a native fish from Indonesia. This fish still has a kinship with the very ferocious Piranha fish. This means that the natural environment for the pomfret fish actually resembles the habitat of the Piranha fish in the Amazon River.
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However, even pomfret fish easily adapt to new habitats. In fact, pomfret fish is very popular in Indonesia or in other areas with natural habitats that do not resemble the Amazon river forest area. Pomfret fish like all kinds of food. The pomfret fish bait that he likes the most includes crickets, worms, shrimp, intestines and liver of chickens and small fish. Several types of vegetables and fruits can also be used as pomfret bait. Besides that, pomfret fish also likes to eat bait in the form of pellets which can be obtained at specialty feed stores.

So that the pomfret fish you are about to fish will be even more “cruel” when it comes to fishing

grabbing the bait, you should prepare your own concoction of bait for pomfret fishing using the following recipe. It is guaranteed that the pomfret bait that you make can attract the pomfret to eat it. Learn how to craft the bait like the following:

Provide various ingredients needed such as: 1 cup duck egg, 2 tablespoons fish meal, 2 tablespoons wheat flour, 2 tablespoons milk powder, 2 tablespoons shrimp flour, 2 tablespoons dried shrimp and water for kneading. After the materials needed are presented, the next step is the manufacturing stage. First beat the duck eggs using a large bowl until thick foam forms. Then, little by little, pour the various ingredients into it sequentially, starting from fish flour - wheat flour - milk powder and finally shrimp flour.

After that, add water, try not to overdo it so that the dough doesn't become runny which will be difficult to shape later. Knead all the ingredients earlier. Finally, steam the dough for about 30 minutes. After cooking, the homemade Pomfret fishing bait is ready to go fishing.

If you are going to use vegetables or fruits as bait for pomfret fishing, you can try the following tips. Based on the experience of fishing hobbyists, pomfret fish generally only eat vegetables or fruits in the morning and evening. So if you want to fish for pomfret using vegetables and fruit, do it in the morning from 5 to 10 in the morning. Or maybe in the afternoon approaching evening. So, happy fishing!

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