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Complete Summary of Early Civilization Materials in the World

Material Summary of Early Civilizations of the World's Communities

1. Civilizations in the Indus Valley and Ganges Valley developed into the states of Pakistan and India
• Mohenjo Daro-Harappa was supported by the Dravidians.
• Hindu-Buddhist developed by the Aryans.

2. Yellow River Valley Civilization
• Believing in the existence of a heavenly kingdom whose government on earth belongs to the world's empire (Huang Ti).
• For thousands of years ruled by various dynasties one after another until now it is in the form of a republic.

3. The civilizations of the Euphrates and Tigris River basins (Mesopotamia)
were developed by the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians who were familiar with quite advanced technologies.

4. Civilizations of the Nile River valley
Herodotus stated that Egypt was a gift of the Nile River. Thanks to the existence of the Nile River, Egypt became a fertile and rich country. Egyptian civilization was advanced by knowing advanced astronomy, medicine, and building science.

5. Ancient Greek Civilization
The Greeks were the founders of democracy with the formation of a polis system or a kind of state and the existence of a people's assembly. The state administration system of the Greek state was much imitated by later modern nations.

6. Ancient Roman Civilization
A more advanced democracy was introduced by the Ancient Romans. They have recognized the election of the head of state by the people's representatives, not the hereditary system, and formed a republican state.

7. The Bacson-Hoabinh culture is a culture that entered the archipelago with stone tools.

8. The Dongson culture also entered the archipelago, namely the metal culture. Our ancestors knew him and already used bronze.

9. Indian culture that entered the archipelago gave rise to the influence of Hinduism and Buddhism.

10. Metal tools (bronze) are made in two ways, namely the bivalve method and the a cire perdue method.

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