Minggu, 08 Januari 2023

Fishing in fresh water is very easy to do. Fishing for freshwater fish can be done in rivers, ponds, swamps and can even be in ditches or waterways. For fishing bait, there are many types of freshwater fish that we can use. For example, we can use worms, pellets, kroto, crickets, shrimp or other bait according to the type of fish we will be fishing for. However, so that fishing can quickly get lots of fish, it is not uncommon for anglers to make their own bait concoctions with a mixture of certain ingredients that are mixed to produce precise bait that can produce lots of fish.

Here's one of the tips on how to make bait for fishing freshwater fish that you can try:

Grate the corn that is not too old, or you can also use a blender, then

add butter. After that, steam the two ingredients until cooked.

Remove the steamer, then cool. After it's cold and if it's ready, add the essence and stir until smooth. For aroma essences that can be used, for example, jackfruit or durian flavored essen. To make it even better, the concoction can be mixed by adding a steamed duck egg or eel that has been cleaned of bones and entrails.

So that the bait that is made later is not too soft, then add sweet potato (can be honey sweet potato or Cilembu is better) that has been steamed. Next, add dry instant noodles that have been mashed, to make the dough more sticky.

The bait is ready to use. If there is, you can add kroto (ant eggs) to make the bait more attractive to fish.

OK. Happy fishing and hope you get lots of fish.

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