Fishing Bait For All Types Of Ponds, Read This

 Fishing Bait For All Types Of Ponds

For fishing maniacs who have mastered the characteristics of ponds and fishing ponds, they may already understand which bait is suitable for these ponds. However, beginners certainly need knowledge to use bait that fits the pond. As is known each pond has different characteristics. Not to mention the color of the water.

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Special bait for fishing maniacs who will fish in ponds with green or yellow water. You see, this bait can be used anywhere, meaning it does not affect the color of the water.

The ingredients consist of;

1. Five pieces of corn are unsalted.

2. Two cans of chicken brand.

3. Cashew nuts one ounce that has been fried.

4. Keju Ľ kraft.

5. Duck eggs 10 points.

6. One sachet of Dancow milk.

Then the ingredients are put together and then blended until smooth. After the ingredients are smooth, put them in a plastic bag and then steam for one hour. The next step, after steaming, is stirred evenly and given the grated cooked yam, then stir again.

Some of the following fish bait ingredients are used for one day of fishing. If it is considered too much, the menu dose can be changed according to the comparison.


3 kg of goldfish or eel

how to make :

If using carp, remove the entrails and gills, steam until cooked. For the eel, just put it in a clear plastic bag and add pandan leaves and a little lemongrass, steam until cooked.

How to use it is enough to just take the meat, hook it on the hook.


30 young corn cobs

1.5 ounces of cassava

0.5 young coconut grains

1 block of Kraft cheese

Roombutter Weijmans to taste

5 duck egg yolks (may not be used)

3 kg of kroto (rice kroto)

How to make :

Corn, cassava, young coconut and grated cheese are then mixed with the rest of the ingredients and stirred well. The dough is tightly wrapped in aluminum foil. Steamed for 2 hours over low heat, the water should be boiling when the dough is added. Kroto mixed when the bait will be used.

FEED INGREDIENTS (3)5 kg of sweet potatoes

2 kg of eel meat

Okoy (bait hardener) to taste

2 kg of kroto

How to make :

Sweet potatoes are peeled. Sweet potato, eel meat, and ocoy are mixed and then blended with a blender. Ocoy functions as a hardener. If you don't have it, you can replace it with noodle flour or powdered milk. When it will be used, the dough is mixed again with Kroto.


1 kg of yellow sweet potato

20 cobs of sweet corn

1 pack of Kraft cheese (250 g)

250 grams of butter

3 cans of tuna

250 gram Cerelac baby porridge with banana flavour

10 eels

8 eggs (only the yolk)

Pure milk to taste

1 kg of kroto

How to make :

Sweet potato, eel and grated sweet corn are steamed separately. For half-cooked steamed corn only. Grate the sweet potato and cheese, puree the tuna and eel meat. Mix all the ingredients above and stir until smooth. For Kroto mixed when the bait will be used.


2 packs of Indomie chicken curry

4 free-range chicken eggs

2 full tablespoons of Rice Nutrition baby porridge

1 tablespoon of Infamil powdered milk

2 tablespoons of Weijmans room butter

1 teaspoon Kraft cheese

1 teaspoon Cerelac rice baby porridge

How to make :

Indomie is blended until smooth and then stirred with the beaten egg yolks. Roombutter is heated until it melts. Into it then put grated cheese and stirred. Heating continued with a small fire. The other ingredients are then mixed in. During mixing, the fire must be kept low so that the mixture does not burn. After the color is slightly yellow, the Cerelac rice baby porridge is added and stirred again. Refrigerated dough before it was added cans to be stored. Cerelac works as bait hardener. If the bait is too soft (easily crushed), Cerelac flour can be added again. Before using the bait, it must be mixed thoroughly with enough red ant eggs or Kroto.


1.5 packs of instant noodles

3 tablespoons of pellets

2 ounces of grated coconut

2 ounces white or yellow sweet potatoes

2 ounces fresh or processed tuna

1.5 ounces of full cream powdered milk

4 duck eggs (raw or salted)

1.5 ounces of cheese

2 ounces of kroto

3 drops of jackfruit essence

How to make :

Instant noodles and pellets are made into flour, grated coconut is made into coconut milk and boiled until the oil comes out. Sweet potatoes are peeled and washed and then steamed until cooked. Tuna fish washed and steamed until cooked. The skin and spines of the fish are removed and then the fish is fried in the oil from which coconut milk has been boiled. The raw duck eggs are boiled until cooked and the yolk is taken. Shredded cheese. All the mixed ingredients are stirred or pounded with milk and essence until completely smooth and well mixed. Kroto brewed with boiling water. the dirt and ants that are still there are removed and then drained with a little squeeze. Kroto is mixed with bait when starting fishing.


2 young sweetcorn cobs

1.5 ounces sweet potato

1 ounce of cassava

0.5 ounces of Kraft cheese

2 free-range chicken egg yolks

0.5 teaspoon of granulated sugar

0.5 spoon of salt

1 ounce peanuts

2 ounces of cashews

enough butter

How to make :

Cashew nuts and peanuts are fried in butter, after being cooked both are then blended until completely smooth. Young corn, sweet potato, and cassava are peeled and then grated until smooth as well as kraft cheese mashed, mixed together with the other ingredients, then wrapped, steamed over high heat until cooked. When used, this corn bait must be mixed first with Kroto or eel meat.


3 sweet sweet potatoes

1 can Tuna (Tuna in oil)

2 packs of Chiki Cheese Snack

2 packs of red pellets

1 capful of fish oil (Scott's Emultion White)

How to make :

Steam sweet potato, grate and puree. Squeeze the Chiki Snack until it crumbles, mix it with the mixture, stir again until smooth. Open the canned tuna, just pour the oil, add a little more water, pour it into the mixture (fish meat can be used as other bait). Add Scott's fish pellets and oil, stir until evenly distributed. Mix the Kroto or eel meat when it will be used.


20 cobs of sweet corn

1/3 medium size coconut.

1 kg of yellow sweet potato

1 block of Kraft cheese

3/4 tablespoon of Weijmans butter

8 duck eggs

1 liter of pure cow's milk.

Other mixed ingredients:

4 wet black milkfish

2 Kg of fresh white Kroto

How to make :

Finely ground corn and coconut. Yellow sweet potato is steamed and grated. Shredded cheese. Cow's milk is cooked over low heat while continuing to stir until only 6 tablespoons remain. Duck eggs (5 mixed eggs and 3 yolks only) are stirred with a mixer at high speed. Corn, coconut, sweet potato, cheese, cow's milk, and butter are mixed into the egg mixture while continuously stirring at high speed. Bait ready to use. Note: If you are going to use fishing in the morning, the bait must be made at night and must be ready right before morning.

How to use: Kroto puith as much as 1/2 steamed and then mixed with pellets. Use it as a bomb. Kroto is steamed with the intention that it can sink. As usual, before the bait is installed, it must be mixed again with Kroto on the outside. If the goldfish in the pond actually like fishy bait, apart from kroto, the mixture may be mixed again with milkfish meat that has previously been steamed and mashed. Milkfish meat can be mixed directly into the dough or only on the outside.


2 kg of rice croto

2 chicken eggs

500 grams of glutinous rice flour

Pandan leaves

How to make :

Soak kroto in hot water, clean until only the white remains. Beat the eggs, add the glutinous rice flour, stir and mix well, add a little water so that the dough is not sticky (slightly runny). Enter the kroto little by little, stir gently so that the kroto doesn't get too crushed. Use banana leaves to wrap the dough, add pandan leaves to make it fragrant, make several small packets. Then steamed over low heat. When you are going to use fresh Kroto, you don't need to stir it, just roll the bait over the Kroto. If the bait is too soft, hardener can be added.


150 grams of sweet potato

100 grams of cassava

2 cobs of sweet corn

50 grams of cheese

2 free-range chicken egg yolks

1.5 tablespoons of sugar

1.5 tablespoons of fine salt

50 grams of fried peanuts

50 grams of fried cashews

How to make :

Steam sweet potato, cassava and sweet corn until half cooked. Grate the cheese then mix well with the egg yolks. Grind peanuts and cashews with a blender, fry until smooth. Add sweet potatoes, cassava, steamed corn, cheese mixed with egg yolks, salt and sugar. Blend again until smooth and evenly mixed. Steam the blended dough on a cake mold lined with banana leaves for about 30 minutes. Mix the Kroto when it will be used.

I. The essence recipe that fits the Fish Fishing Bait According to the Weather:


- mackerel Diva essence (3cc)

essence Diva Choya (3cc)

- essence Tuna (2cc)

- essence coconut (2cc)

- Lemongrass essence (1/2 cc) golden fish brand

- pandan paste (1 tbsp)

dir="ltr">Rainy Season :

- Strawberry essence (5cc)

- jackfruit essence (2cc)

- mackerel essence (1cc)

- essen choya (1cc)

- essen almond (1cc)

- pandan paste (1 tbsp)


- eat pala (8cc)

- jackfruit essence (4 cc)

- mackerel essence 1 cc

- essen choya 1cc

- vanilla crystal 1/4 bottle

Steady bait when drizzling:

-4/8 part tangerine paste

- jackfruit paste 2/8

-Essen Diva Sari Laut 1/8

-essen diva choya 1/8

-water 200 ml

-sago 3 tbsp

II. Essen fishing bait that fits day or night.


-Essen TENGIRI 1cc

-Essen DURIAN 4cc


essence at night










1. Tangerine Paste 1 1/2 tbsp

2. Jackfruit Paste 1 tbsp

3.Pasta Santan 1/2 tbsp

4. Vanilly Paste 1/2 tbsp

5. Essens choya 3 cc

6. Mackerel essence 2 cc

7. Shrimp essence 2 cc

8. Tangerine essence 3 cc

9. Jackfruit essence 3 cc

10.Essens coconute 2 cc

11. Essence of fragrant butter cookies 2 cc

12.Essens almond 2 cc

13. Sago to taste

14. Water to taste

II. Lemon grass bait and garlic bait for catfish

GARLIC bait is an alternative bait if sago bait, bread, eel don't eat…


- 5 pieces of garlic, blended with water which we will use to make the sago mixture.

- essen choya 2cc

- mackerel essence 2 cc.

Lemongrass FEEDING:

- mackerel essence 2 cc

- essen choya 2cc

- cob essence 2 cc

- Shrimp essence 2 cc

- Sea essence essence 2 cc

- Bulus essence 2 cc

- Lemongrass essence 1 cc

- pandan paste 1 tbsp

III. How to make Fragrant bait and fishy bait.

How to make FRAGRANCE:

1. Corn (any): 5 Cobs.

2. Blue Ikin: 1 pack.

3. Deho: 1 can.

4. Sweetened Condensed Milk: 1 sachet.

5. Weismanj: 1 small spoon.

6. Cashews: 10 Grains.

7. Chedar Cheese: 1/4 piece

8. Duck Egg (yolk): 4 eggs.

9. Kroto: 3 oz.

10. Hardener: Kinoy / Mie blender: SCKPNYA.

11. Pandan Leaves: 2 Sheets.


1. Corn is protolined and steamed +/- 5 min.

2. Steamed Ikin +/- 5 min.

3. Cashew nuts: roasted.

4. Deho+Milk+Weisman+Cashews+Cheese+Duck Egg Blend until smooth.

5. No 4 + 1 + 2 = mix + stir + Kroto + Pandan = steam for 45 minutes.

6. No. 5 + Hardener.

7. Go fishing.

How to Create an AMIS Feed

1. Blue Ikin: 1 pack.

3. Deho: 1 can.

4. Sweetened Condensed Milk: 1 sachet.

5. Weismanj: 1 small spoon.

6. Cashews: 10 Grains.

7. Chedar Cheese: 1/4 piece

8. Duck Egg (yolk): 4 eggs.

9. Kroto: 3 oz.

10. Hardener: Kinoy / Mie blender / katulampa / djempol pellets.

Another goldfish mantep bait.


100 grams of white sweet potato

100 grams of cassava vines

100 grams of skinned potatoes

4 pieces of sweet biscuits

4 cc Essence Butter Cookies

4 cc Essence Durian

Kroto to taste

The method :

sweet potatoes, cassava and Kroto are steamed until cooked, sweet potatoes, biscuits and potatoes with skin and skin are ground until soft and then mixed thoroughly with grated cassava,

enter the essence, mix the Kroto when the bait will be used.


250 grams of granulated carp pellets

2 duck eggs

1 pack of duck egg flour

2 botan sardines

250 grams of kroto

4 cc Vanilla Essence

4 cc of Essence Paus Oil

the method :

pellets brewed with boiling water, sardines crushed without water and sauce,

egg yolks and duck egg flour are brewed with hot water, the kroto is brewed and drained, add the essence, all the ingredients are mixed until blended and stirred with a fork.


1 Pack of Goldfish Pellets

4 cc of Cob Essence

4 cc Essece crab

250 grams of kroto

the method :

pellets are mixed with water and mashed, add essence, and Kroto is mixed in the bait.


1/2 pack of goldfish plet

2 yellow sweet potatoes

1 pack of vanilla cereal

4 cc Essence Fishy Oil

4 cc Essence Tuna Oil

the method :

pellets and seral mixed with water are mashed, sweet potatoes are steamed and peeled and mashed,

mix the two ingredients with a wooden spoon, add the essence.


3 white/yellow sweet potatoes

1 pack of banana flavored baby porridge

4 cc Essence Banana special

4 cc of Jackfruit Essence

250 grams of kroto

the method :

the sweet potato is steamed and grated, baby porridge mixed with water and stirred together with the sweet potato, add the essence, Kroto is mixed when the bait is to be used.


1/2 pack of goldfish pellets

2 duck eggs

15 cc Essence Cumi Oil

4 cc of Peanut Essence

4 cc Essence Habi Oil

the method :

All ingredients are mixed with water and stirred until smooth


1/2 pack of goldfish pellets

1 small can of sardines

4 cc Vanilla Essence

4 cc Essence of Cobra oil/Biawak Oil

the method :

All ingredients are mixed with water and stirred until smooth


1/2 pack of goldfish pellets

10 cc Essence Konyaka Blue/Konyaka Red

6 cc Essence Tutti Fruti/Strawberry

15 cc Essence Sea Food

the method :

All ingredients are mixed with water and stirred until smooth

Ingredients :

1. Pellet 313 1 pack

2. Chicken eggs 6 eggs

3. Kroto 1 ounce

4. Tuna Oil 1 can

5. Kinoy Putri 1 pack

How to process:

1. Sedu with hot water, then stir until smooth and thick

2. In another place, 6 eggs that have taken only the whites

Mix with 1 ounce of Kroto, stir until evenly distributed then steam the mixture

for + 30 minutes until the color turns white

3. Combine all the dough (No. 1 & 2) stir until smooth

4. If the bait is too soft, you can mix it with Kinoy Putri as you wish

5. The bait is ready to be used, it can be spotted with Kroto before being thrown into the pool.

A. Gurame Fishing Bait

1. Cricket..

2. Lipas soil..

3. Pellets 999 / growbes + dancow milk.

4. Papaya leaves, kale leaves, moss, taro leaves.

5. Big Kroto.

6. Bamboo caterpillar or banana caterpillar.

7. Sweet banana.

8. Milk cheese eel 48s pellet + fishy djempol pellet.

9. Jakarta pellets/puppet/truck + deha deho Wangi/ R52.

The key to fishing for carp is not just the bait that determines it, but setting the right string, the hook and the right height..very less important is the level of weight between the bait and the float also determines, the most effective hook size for carp fishing is 2, 3, 4, and big 5.

B. The most effective and precise catfish fishing bait.

1. Pellets 999 / Growbes / 781 / LAJU + Soft shrimp pellets.

2. Plain Milk Cheese Eel 48s Pellets.

3. Pellet no.1 above + Eel essence.

4. Pellet RATE + Hipro.

5. Pellets + kara or leftover fish cooking oil.

6. Garbage worms.

7. Bread + 999 pellets + EXtra joss sachet.

8. Shrimp Pellet + Egg Yolk.

9. Meat Boiled ground catfish + sardines (meat only without sauce) kiki and riri.

10. Steamed eel meat.

The key to all fishing in mixed ponds (there are carp, catfish and tilapia) is good fishing technique.

The hook is the main key, the right lead for pond fishing is small bullet tin and the right float can be made of peacock feathers like for carp and avoid elephant floats even though the pond has lots of catfish because catfish in fishing ponds how to eat it is similar to carp smooth, there are also catfish which immediately run without compromise.

For gourami, the drift technique is usually the fastest or 15-30 cm depending on the pond.

Based on the experience of large catfish or large carp, the best hook / small fishing line is no. 5 and big no.6.

And most hooks, aliases, rarely come off, like maguro, sasame, and well-known brands that are rather expensive.

the size of the fishing line is around 0.25 or 028mm for catfish sizes under 8 kg.

And one more thing to note is that big fish tend to eat fragrant bait and small fish like fishy bait like tilapia the most. so I think if the fishy bait is in a mixed pond, it will be quickly eaten by small fish like tilapia.

Another one of the most effective bait recipes for mixed ponds with lots of small tilapia is yeast or sweet potato tape.

if the bait contains elements of yeast and tape it is guaranteed not to be eaten by small tilapia if the target is for large fish..bread and tanggo vanilla and yellow katulampa are the most suitable for avoiding small tilapia and sweet corn are also rarely preferred by tilapia.

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