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 Goldfish Fishing Bait Recipe , Just Try It

Goldfish is a type of fish that lives in fresh waters and is very popular with most anglers in Indonesia. You also want to know how to fish for goldfish to get lots of fish? The key is to know carp fishing bait. This means that you have to provide bait that goldfish like so that they will happily prey on the bait on your fishing hook. Now there are several goldfish bait concoctions available that you can make yourself to use as bait, but some are sold already in finished form.
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The bait for carp is actually simple because it still uses a variety of natural ingredients, including carp meat, eel meat, duck eggs, young coconut, kroto and so on. Goldfish meat itself can indeed be used as sharp bait. In fact, using bait from carp meat itself will be more effective than using other bait ingredients. The logic is simple, bait from goldfish meat makes goldfish smell like their own friends, that way they are not seen as enemies.

Besides being friendly to the environment, the carp fishing bait recipe, if the carp we lured eats, there will be no worries about the concentration of harmful compounds such as

when using plastic bait. Intrigued by the recipe for goldfish fishing bait and how to make it? You can try the following two goldfish bait concoctions yourself at home:

1. Recipe for bait for fishing for goldfish I.
The ingredients used are: baby corn, i.e. sardines, 2 ounces of eel, 1/2 kg of sweet potato, 2 duck eggs, 1 ounce of shrimp pellets and kroto as needed.

How to mix it: steam the corn and sweet potatoes until tender. Just shaved young corn grains. Mash together with sweet potatoes. Also steam the eel until cooked, use only the meat then mash it and mix it with the fine corn and sweet potato earlier. Beat the duck eggs for a while and add little by little to the previous mixture. Add Sardines and knead until smooth. Next add the shrimp pellets to strengthen the texture, knead until well blended. The goldfish bait concoction is ready to use, every time you go fishing, make a small circle and roll it in Kroto.

2. Recipe for goldfish fishing bait II
The ingredients needed: 3 kilos of carp or eel fish meat

How to make it: if you use goldfish meat, remove the entrails and gills of the goldfish, then steam until cooked. If using eel meat, put it in a plastic bag, also add a piece of pandan leaf and lemon grass, then steam until cooked. After cooking, when going fishing, take the meat steamer then make a circle shape and attach it to the hook.

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