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Udinese was founded in 1896 as part of Società Udinese di Ginnastica e Scherma, (Udinese Society of Gymnastics and Fencing). On 5 July 1911, several gymnasts from Udinese led by Luigi Dal Dan later founded the Udinese AC, which joined the FIGC. During this initial period, Udinese only took part in regional competitions, Udinese failed to reach the national stage and were always eliminated at the Veneta Eliminatoria.

On 24 August 1923, AS Udinese separated from AC Udinese Friuli, and the club was forced to regulate the budget by an autonomous council. Fortunately, all debts were paid by President Torso Del Alessandro through the sale of some of his paintings so that Udinese could join Division II.

Udinese Society of Gymnastics and Fencing

Udinese finally won promotion to Serie A after winning the national division 2 in the 1924-1925 season. But they only had one season in Serie A. Because the following season they were relegated to division 2.

Since being relegated that season, Udinese have never again tasted competition in Serie A. In fact, they have often fallen into Serie C.

Zebrette remained in Serie B for a dozen years, with average performances and was relegated to Serie C. It was not until the 1949-50 season, Udinese again had the opportunity to perform in Serie A after winning runners-up in Serie B.

Udinese remained in Serie A for five seasons and almost won the historic Scudetto in the 1954-55 season. They finished in second place under AC Milan, but unfortunately they were again relegated because they were involved in a gambling scandal. Only 1 season in Serie B, they returned to Serie A. In the following seasons Udinese turned into a club to be reckoned with, even though they always failed to become champions.

The period of the 60-70s was a bad period for Udinese, where for a dozen years they only stuck in Serie C before rising again in the 80s and mid-90s. Until now, Udinese still failed even though they won the Scudetto, however, it is quite reckoned with in mainland Italy . They are now under the presidency of Pozzo, have the best youth academy in Italy which has successfully produced new stars in Italy, and are often able to compete in Italy's top flight, even though they only rely on players of their own findings.

Udinese mengalami beberapa kali perubahan nama yaitu, Udinese Gymnastics and Fencing Society (1896 - 1911), Udinese Football Association (1911-1919), Udinese Sports Association (1919-1923), Udinese Football Association (1923 -1980).

Udinese has won titles including UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1 (2000) Mitropa Cup: 1 (1980), Anglo-Italian Cup: 1 (1978), Coppa Italia Primavera: 1 (1993), Campionato Nazionale Primavera: 1 (1981) , Coppa Italia Serie C: 1 (1978), Champion of Serie B: 1978/1979, 1955/1956.


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