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The following are 10 players with unique nicknames and the origins of why the nickname was given to the player in question.

1. Yasar Duran - The Bucket (Sang Ember).

The Turkish goalkeeper in the 80s was ridiculed (which eventually became his nickname) when Turkey was defeated by England with a landslide score of 8 goals without reply.

2. Edson Arantes do Nascimento - Skin.

The name Pele was pinned on this Brazilian living legend when he was still a child because Pele always pretended to play ball as a goalkeeper with the name 'Bile'. However, because he always said the wrong words, the name 'Bile' even then became 'Pele'.

3. Naohiro Takahara - The Sushi Bomber.

Takahara got this nickname when he played for the German Bundesliga club Hamburg SV and Eintracht Frankfurt. The sharpness of this Japanese striker is not in doubt. Takahara scored 23 goals in 57 appearances with the Japanese national team.

4. Rene Higuita - El Scorpion (The Scorpion).

This nickname was pinned on Higuita after he made a unique save action similar to a scorpion during the Colombian national team against England in 1995.

5. Arjen Robben - The Man of Glass.

Behind his charming skills, Robben has a weakness, namely he gets injured too easily. That's why this Dutch winger is nicknamed The Man of Glass.

6. Stuart Pearce - Psycho (The Mad).

Pearce was famous for his dangerous and ferocious sliding tackles when he was still a football player. Often opposing players fall victim to his hard tackles, even his teammates have experienced Pearce's tackles.

That's why Pearce, who is currently the coach of the Great Britain national team at the Olympics, got the nickname 'Crazy' when he was still playing as a player on the gridiron.

7. Richard Wright - Richard Wrong.

Wright is a goalkeeper who has defended Arsenal and Ipswich Town. However, Wright's performance was very far from the fans' expectations. Often Wright made mistakes that were fatal for his club. Because of his careless appearance, fans made a play on his name, 'Richard Wrong', and that name eventually became his nickname.

8. Antonio Cassano - Peter Pan.

There was no doubting Cassano's skills. The striker from Bari is one of the best talents in Italy.

But Cassano also has a bad temper. Not infrequently Cassano acts wild and childish. It was because of this attitude that Cassano earned the nickname Peter Pan, a man who could never grow up.

9. Jason McAteer - Trigger.

Trigger is one of the characters in the famous British sitcom Only Fools and Horses. Fans feel that Trigger's goofy and stupid character is perfect for McAteer.

McAteer's most famous stupid action is the 'Pizza Tragedy' where he asked the waiter to cut a serving of pizza into 4 parts because he was not too hungry and afraid he could not finish the pizza.

10. Gennaro Gattuso - Braveheart or Rino.

Gattuso is a tireless, hardworking midfielder. He is a player whose job is to destroy the opposing team's game by relying on his hard physique.

Because of his game, Gattuso is often seen as similar to the character played by Mel Gibson in the film Braveheart. Apart from that, Gattuso also got the nickname 'Rino' or rhino.

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