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Societa Sportiva Lazio (SS Lazio) was founded by Luigi Bigiarelli and eight of his friends on January 9, 1900 in the City of Rome, precisely in the Prati District. Lazio is the name of a region which includes the city of Rome, while the colors of Lazio's greatness, namely sky blue and white, are inspired by the colors of the Greek flag. The location of the declaration is in the Pazza della Liberta where the inscription still stands today. Then, why is the name SS Lazio and not SS Roma? Though SS Lazio is the first football club in Rome (La Prima Squadra della Capitale). Even though most football clubs always carry the name of the city in their name as an identity.

Luigi Bigiarelli

Say Associazione Calcio Milan (AC Milan), Genoa Cricket and Football Club (Genoa) or Unione Sportiva Citta di Palermo (Palermo) which was first established. Precisely 27 years later the Italian fascist dictator, Bennito Mussolini, ordered the establishment of Associazione Sportiva Roma (AS Roma), bearing the name of the Italian capital city. Then what does the name Lazio mean? And despite being based in Rome, why do most of Lazio's traditional supporters come from cities around Rome?

The Great Plains
Lazio comes from the Latin word "latus" which means a broad, spacious or stretched lowland. During the heyday of the Roman Empire, located centered on today's City of Rome, the large area of ​​the south-central Italian Peninsula was called Latinum to denote an area whose population spoke Latin, the official language of the Roman empire. Also in honor of the Greek mythological figure, King Latinus, son of the god Jupiter.

When Emperor Augustus came to power, he managed to unify all of Italy geo-politically, and divided it into 11 regions, and each region supervised several provinces . Latinum is one of these regions, and it is in the Latinum region that the City of Rome is located as the seat of government. In modern Italy, Italy was divided into 19 regions and the Latinum region changed its name to the Lazio Region. The Lazio Region oversees 5 provinces namely the Province of Frosinnone, the Province of Latina, the Province of Rieti, the Province of Viterbo and the Province of Rome .

When SS Lazio was founded, Lazio's founding fathers deliberately did not choose the name Roma as their club name, but used the name Lazio, the region that oversees Rome. The city of Rome was chosen as the location of the declaration and the headquarters, because the city of Rome is the capital. Two years after its founding Lazio released other sports after Bruno Seghettini, Paris Racing Club staff introduced football. 1907 was the first year that Lazio took part in the competition officially. However, as the first football club in Rome, Lazio chose the eagle symbol (aquille) as its logo, because the City of Rome has an eagle symbol, not a wolf.

Traditional Support Map
SS Lazio's operational area in five provinces in the Lazio region brought the consequence, that most of Lazio's traditional supporters were scattered in these five provinces, and not only concentrated in the City of Rome. And from a political point of view, traditionally and from generation to generation Lazio has been supported by fans from the conservative, religious right and the majority from the upper middle class who are Catholics, because in the Lazio region Italian right-wing parties always win elections.

Except, in the city of Rome, where progressive left-wing parties, socialists and the majority of workers who are Protestant Christians and Jews always control the elections. This group is the supporter of AS Roma, the eternal rival of SS Lazio. So, geographically Lazio is bigger than Rome, because Rome is only one of the five provinces in Lazio.
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