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History of the Mossi Kingdom

Mossi Kingdom Map

The Kingdom of Mossi was a powerful kingdom that dominated the upper reaches of the Volta River for hundreds of years.
The increasing power of the Mossi Kingdom resulted in even greater conflict with some of the surrounding areas. The Yatenga Kingdom became a key force during the invasions by the Songhai Empire in 1328 and 1477 to take Timbuktu, giving the Mossi Kingdom an important trading post of Macina.
But when Askia Mohammad became the leader

The Songhai Empire, with its desire to spread Islam, led to a war with the Mossi Kingdom in 1497. Although Mossi's troops were defeated in this war, they resisted attempts to force their converts to Islam. Although there were a number of Islamic countries in other regions trying to forcibly spread Islam, namely the Massina Empire and the Sokoto Caliphate, some of the Mossi Kingdom continued to maintain their traditional religious practices and rituals. The Mossi Kingdom developed a mixed religious system recognizing some Islamic authorities while retaining the earlier African spiritual belief system.

Mossi Kingdom Army

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