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Complete History of the Ethiopian Empire

Territory of the Ethiopian Empire

The Empire of Ethiopia, also known as Abyssinia, encompassed the geographical area of ​​the northern part of present-day Ethiopia. The year 1137 marked the beginning of the Zagwe dynasty. Then this dynasty was overthrown by a king who claimed to be a Descendant of the Aksumite Emperor, the Solomonic Dynasty. But this Solomonic dynasty was later ruled by Habesha.
Habesha ruled from 1270 until the end of the 20th century. Under the dynasty most of modern history

Ethiopia was built. During this reign, the empire conquered nearly all of the territory that now makes up the modern state of Ethiopia. This empire managed to repel Italian, Arab and Turkish troops who wanted to control its territory by allying with several European powers, especially the Portuguese in battle.

Illustration of the Ethiopian Imperial Soldier in the 5th Century A.D
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