How to choose a fishing rod, Read This

For an angler, having a strong fishing rod at a relatively cheap price is quite difficult. Because the price of cheap fishing equipment usually has drawbacks. Maybe the manufacture of fishing rods or fishing equipment reduces the material for making these tools.

It would be nice if we choose a fishing rod according to our fishing target.

Below will explain how to choose a fishing rod according to the fishing location. Therefore, don't choose the wrong fishing rod, it can cause events that we don't want while fishing. For example, a broken rod, uncomfortable to use in the hand, etc.

What should be considered in choosing (buying) a fishing rod? a few tips here might help you where your location will be fishing, determine the choice of fishing rod.

    Fishing in the sea: If you are going to fish in the sea, it is better for you to choose a fishing rod that is usually combined with a reel in it. It can include or you can search separately. Why ? because the location of the sea requires a long string (fishing thread). So you need a place for your string (fishing line). On the other hand,

the nature of fish that needs to fight to rise to the surface.
    Fishing in rivers: When shopping at fishing shops, choose the type of fishing rod if the fishing location is in shallow rivers, fishing ponds, or on the edges of lakes. This is to make it easier for you to handle fishing rods. There are no rules for using this type of fishing rod in these places. However, there are many testimonials from anglers who enjoy/prefer to use this type of rod rod

Choose a ring guide that has a ceramic-coated base. Why ? because if there is friction during a fight, the possibility of the fishing line (string) breaking will decrease. It's another case if you choose a fishing line ring based on iron or other metals that rust easily. This can make your fishing line break because of the friction that occurs.

The diameter of the rod is equally important in this determination. Because the rod has a large diameter, it is very uncomfortable to grip when the angler's hand is smaller.

Thus the article discusses how to choose a fishing rod according to the fishing target. The next post will explain the types of fishing rods for casting, popping, jigging and trolling.