How to tie a fishing hook, please read here

How to tie a fishing hook, please read here

How to make a fishing line:

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.Untuk kail yang berkepala tanpa lubang :

Merangkai Kail Jadi Beberapa Susun

Provide a leader kenur (hook tie) about 50 cm and swivel, insert the end of the kenur twice (2x), the short side +/- 15 cm. (image “a”).

With the long side, wrap it 10 times (b) insert the end into the slit of the kenur bend. Hold the short side pull the long side until it's tight (c).

Gather the two ends loosely +/- 20 knot loops (d). Make a gap in the middle of the knot, then insert it from the swivel to the meeting at the first tight boundary (e).

Gently pull both ends, helping to flatten with fingers until tight (f). At this point, it means that a 2-prong fishing line has been produced.

To make 3 branches and so on. Take the long part of the kenur, bend the kenur knot 3~5x (g), set the distance of this bond with this coil shorter than the other side. Tighten the knot, cut it flat to look like the picture (h).

Repeat knotting the 20 twists as in (d) earlier and insert it into the winding gap starting from the swivel until the second tight bond (i).

Pull both ends slowly, flatten the results of a tight bond if necessary, help with your fingers. Until finally made a series of 3 branches (j).

To make 4, 5 branches, etc., use a longer leader kenur and when making a knot like in the picture (g) cut the kenur so that it produces a short side of approximately 15 cm and the rest becomes a long side to make the next branch.

How to tie a hook:

I. Bend the hook fixing kenur, unite it with the hook eye and hold it with the left thumb and forefinger.

II. Make a twist up to the hook and bend the kenur into the coil.

III. A winding for a rather large leader is enough for 5 coils, the smaller the size of the leader the more the number of coils.

IV. Pull the ends and the base of the kenur until it is tight.

Check whether the tightened knot can still release the kenur, if it is still better to repeat it. Maximize bond strength by dripping power glue.

The kenur used to make a series should use a special kenur for the leader or for tying hooks, usually black in color, so it doesn't twist easily.

The diameter of the kenur is adjusted to the needs and number of hooks. Small hook with a small kenur or vice versa.