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 Tips and Prayers for Fishing for Satisfying Results and Getting Many

Tips for Fishing If you have a hobby of fishing, surely you already know the various fishing tools, some anglers' favorite types of fish, and even fishing tips that can produce lots of big fish. This is a basic technique that fish anglers need to master first. However, on the other hand, it turns out that there are things that anglers also need to master, namely fishing prayer.

Sea fishing is a fishing activity, a hobby, or one way to catch fish in the sea by using a fishing rod from the edge to the middle of the sea. There are three types of sea fishing today, namely seaside fishing, sea fishing and fishing near sea level.

For some people, fishing is an exciting hobby, especially fishing in the sea. The reason is, exposure to waves, weather effects, and the types of fish that can be found are more challenging than fishing in fresh water.

Fishing in the sea can not only be done during the day (all morning until dusk) but also at night. This fishing activity really depends on the good and bad weather when fishing. If you plan to fish on the karas beach during the day, the best time is dawn. at dawn or dawn, many types of sea fish whose biological cycles make them wake up from their sleep and look for food.

from dawn, fishing activities can continue until noon as long as the sunlight is not obstructed by cloudy clouds. cloudy weather narrows your line of sight into the sea, so cloudy makes it difficult for you when looking for strategic fishing locations (coral reefs) in the sea.
Meanwhile, if you plan to go fishing at night, pay attention to the presence of the moon... the time when the moon. invisible (obstructed by clouds) which is a very good time for sea fishing at night.

This is related to moonlight. which reflects on the surface of the sea water. salt content in seawater and moonlight. causing the fishing line that you have buried to appear to light up. the flame of your fishing line appears from under the sea and avoids the fish that you might be fishing for.

However, if you are planning to fish for shrimp or squid, moonlight will actually give you an advantage because these two marine animals are attracted to light. these animals tend to congregate on the surface of the water during the month. brightly lit. that is why fishermen make artificial light using lamps or petromax for fishing for shrimp and squid.

Waves, clouds and wind speed also affect the activities of fish in the sea. big or small waves caused by wind. if the waves are big, the fish tend to stay in the bay area. if the clouds block the sunlight, the fish tend to swim far to the seabed, making it unlucky for fishing.
Meanwhile, during the rainy season, the salt content in seawater will decrease due to the large amount of fresh water that collects through falling rain. this causes the number of fish near the surface of the sea to shrink ; fish tend to "flee" into the ocean or hide behind coral reefs.
Broadly speaking, sea fishing techniques can be divided into two types, namely fishing in the sea (offshore) and fishing from the mainland (inshore). After that, fishing techniques from the mainland (inshore) can be subdivided into several types.

There is a type of fishing from the shore (surfishing). fishing techniques from the beach are generally applied to the edge of the sandy beach using a spinning tool. In addition to spinning, various other types of equipment are usually used, depending on what type of fish to fish.
Often anglers use live bait such as dead fish slices, live fish, sea worms, shrimp and small crabs. however, many anglers also use artificial bait. If you choose the right location, you might catch a big fish.

There is also fishing from the pier (pierfishing). In this type, fishing can be done from wooden piers, harbours, or even wave barriers. Most anglers who do pierfishing are amateur anglers who fish for recreational purposes with their families.
justify;"> however, this does not only mean that fishing from the pier is not suitable for getting big fish. Fish such as white snapper, rays, sharks, and so on may be milling about under the pier. The fishing gear commonly used is the spinning type, which is the type that is very easy to use. The bait used in pierfishing is the same as in surfing.

The latter is rock fishing and this is perfect for rocky beaches. If you fish from the top of the rock (usually the rocks are steep and hard to reach), it is likely to get bigger fish than if you are fishing on the beach (surfishing) or on the pier (pierfishing). The equipment and bait used in rockfishing are the same as the previous two types of inshore fishing.

There are many factors that change fishing activities at sea, one of which is very dominant, namely the weather factor that needs to be considered, namely the weather factor above sea level.
sun and moon. namely the weather factor above sea level. the sun factor during the day and also the moon. at night, in fact, many changes in fishing activities in this sea. during the day, fishing is best done in the morning or at dawn where the fish come out to find food after falling asleep.

at night, whether or not the moon is present. can change fishing activity. Fishing when the moon is visible can cause the fishing line to enter into sea water which contains salt to be very visible, as it reflects light so most fish can stay away.
besides that, there are clouds, waves, and wind. These three things are also very influential in this fishing activity. Strong winds can cause big waves.
if fishing in a steep bay, when there are big waves usually the small fish will move to the edge of the bay which will be followed by the big fish that are looking for prey, so the fish in the middle of the bay become minimal.
Fishing Tips and Prayers
At first glance, this fishing prayer does not have such an absolute role, but if you are someone who believes in Allah SWT, surely you are aware that there is Allah SWT wherever we are, including in fishing activities. HE is the One who ensures all the sustenance of HIS servant and Allah SWT is the one who ensures that the sustenance is directed to whomever.

In other words, when you fish, it is actually Allah SWT who drives the fish to consume your bait. if Allah SWT ensures that you don't get results from fishing rods, then no matter how good your technique is, no matter how good your fishing equipment is, you will no longer be able to get results. that's where the prayer function is.

In principle, whoever the person/anger is who sincerely prays, inshaa'Alloh, of course it will be granted. What needs to be considered in praying is fulfilling the eligibility requirements of praying. Below are some prayer fishing tips.

Every prayer certainly requires adab. Good manners in praying include wearing clean clothes, whether clean from uncleanness and dirt, or clean from sources of money that are not lawful.
so that your fishing efforts get satisfactory results, then you must pray a few days before the fishing activity. This step is considered more effective than the prayer that you say just a few minutes before the fishing activity is carried out.

There is a mistake that anglers often make when praying is said, namely the habit of dictating Allah SWT. for example, if your fishing results are quite a lot, you are happy, but if your fishing results are unsatisfactory/zero, you complain, get angry and so on.

It's good when you say a prayer, you set aside some of your fortune / wealth to give charity. Alms is an activity that can make good luck smooth and protect your assets from loss. Prayer is often perceived to be in Arabic. In fact, the essence of the prayer is the request of a servant to his God, as well as prayer for fishing,

It is permissible to use Indonesian/the language they master to pray. provided that the activity, in this case fishing, does not contain elements that are prohibited by Islam. for example: gambling.
From the summary above, we can conclude that there are other factors that affect a person's fishing income besides natural factors, the structure of the fishing area and also the fishing technique that has been mastered, namely praying to Allah SWT wherever we are, whatever the activity.
source: carawahyudi

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