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afdhailahi.com - These islands are dream islands for tourists to come and enjoy.

Indonesia is an archipelago country flanked by the Asian continent and the Asian continent and two oceans, namely the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, which has 17,508 islands. Of the many islands that Indonesia has, there are several islands that have natural beauty and stunning beaches like paradise, such as Pulau Weh at the western tip of Sumatra Island, Karimunjawa Island in the north of Java Island or Arborek Island which is in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua.

The following are the most beautiful islands in Indonesia that are like paradise, which are dream islands for domestic and foreign tourists to come and enjoy.

1. Pulau Weh

Weh Island is a volcanic island located on the western tip of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. The island with its main city Sabang is where Indonesia's zero point is located. Pulau Weh has a number of beautiful and attractive beaches for tourists. Like Iboih Beach which has an extraordinary underwater charm.

This island is famous for its ecosystem and the Government of Indonesia has designated this 60 square kilometer island as a nature reserve. In the waters of this island you can find Big Mouth Sharks. Besides that, Pulau Weh is also a habitat for frogs whose status is threatened. Bufo Valhallae (genus bufo), Coral reefs around Pulau Weh are also known as a habitat for various fish species.

2. Belitung Island

Belitung Island, which has earned the nickname "Laskar Pelangi Island" because it was the shooting location for the phenomenal Laskar Pelangi film by Andrea Hirata. Granite stones along the coastline are an attraction for tourists to visit this beautiful island like heaven.

This island, which is located off the east coast of Sumatra Island, is flanked by the Gaspar Strait and Karimata Strait, where Batu Mentas is located at the foot of Mount Sharp, which has tremendous potential as an integrated tourist destination. The beauty of nature, both the clear river and the still dense forest, the unique flora and fauna, the life of the local community with its pineapple and white pepper plantations, coupled with the uniqueness of traditional cultural arts and the expertise of the local community in making wicker from rattan, has made Belitung Island one of the most beautiful islands. in Indonesia is like a paradise that you should visit.

3. Karimunjawa Island

Karimunjawa is an archipelago in the Java Sea which is included in Jepara Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. With an area of ​​around 1,500 hectares, Karimunjawa Island is now being developed into the Enchantment of a Marine Park which is much loved by domestic and foreign tourists.

Karimunjawa Island has many beautiful tourist attractions like heaven, including Menjangan Besar Island which is famous as a shark breeding place while Menjangan Kecil Island is famous for its coral reefs and colorful fish. Diving on this island is sure to make you forget yourself, because the underwater world of Karimunjawa Island and its surroundings is amazing, beautiful like heaven.


If you want to take a vacation to a place that is comfortable and not too crowded, come to Nusa Lembongan Island in Bali. This island offers several beaches full of rocks with very charming views. On this island you can do beach activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, flyboarding and other beach activities.

Nusa Lembongan Island is located in the southeast of Bali Island adjacent to Nusa Ceningan Island and Nusa Penida Island which are in the Badung Strait. In addition to its beautiful and attractive natural beaches, Nusa Lembongan Island also offers unique natural and artificial caves, challenging sea cliffs, mysterious swamps that can interest you to come and many others.

While the beaches on Nusa Lembongan Island which are quite famous because of their beauty are Dream Beach, Tanjung Sanghyang Beach, Selagimpak Beach, Selambung Beach, Sunset Beach, Pemalikan Beach, Lebaoh Beach (seaweed center beach) and other places such as Rumah Bawah Tanah, Gala-gala, Batu Melawang Swallow's Nest Cave, Buanyaran Art Shop Center, Pegadungan Swamps and the romantic place of Kolong Pandan Sunset Park.

5. Three Gili Islands

Tiga Gili is the name of the island which is located in the west of Lombok Island. These islands include Gili Trawangan Island which is famous for its very clear sea water and its paradise-like underwater world. Gili Meno which was recently declared the Best Beach in Indonesia by the TripAdvisor Online Site and Gili Air which is famous as a place to learn diving because there are many training grounds and very complete equipment rentals.

The Three Gili Islands in Lombok is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, like a paradise, which has clean and fine white sand with clear, glassy sea water and amazing underwater beauty like heaven, making these three islands a dream island for tourists.

6. Moyo Island

Moyo Island, which is about 2.5 kilometers north of Sumabawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. It is very well known by foreign and local tourists as a honeymoon destination. Even the late Princess Diana, Mick Jagger to Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova really admired Moyo Island while on vacation to this island.

Besides being able to do diving, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the beauty of the sunset as well as the exotic natural beauty of the land and underwater, you can also stop by the Mata Jitu Waterfall which is truly beautiful and amazing.

7. Kanawa Island

Taking a vacation to Kanawa Island, East Nusa Tenggara will make you not want to go home right away. The coast of the beach has a sloping texture and white sand and the sea water is very clear like a gem. On this island you can swim and snorkel to your heart's content because this island feels privately owned.

8. Derawan Island

The name Derawan Island in the Derawan Archipelago in East Kalimantan is on the rise among tourists as one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. The waters around the coast are so clean and clear that you can see the beauty of the coral reefs and colorful fish under the sea of ​​Derawan Island from above the surface. Swimming on the island's beaches will make you forget the land.

In the waters of Derawan Island there is a Marine Park which is famous for diving with a depth of about 5 meters where there are various kinds of marine life such as cuttlefish, lobsters, ghostpipe fish, octopuses (bluering octopus), nudibranchs, sea ​​horses (seahorses), ribbon eels (ribbon eels) and scorpions fish (scorpionsfishes). On the rock at a depth of ten meters there is a reef known as the "Blue Trigger Wall" because on the reef with a length of 18 meters there are many red-toothed Trigger Fish triggerfishes).

9. Morotai Island

Morotai Island is a beautiful island located in North Maluku Province, Indonesia. This island is perfect as your dream destination. On this island you will be presented with stunning natural scenery with clean and very soft white sand, crystal clear sea water as clear as glass and unspoiled coral reefs ready to spoil your eyes.

Apart from that, on this island you will find remnants of World War II which are scattered around this beautiful island and there are at least 25 dive spots that offer incomparable beauty, such as at Tanjung Wayabula, Dodola Point, Batu Layar Point, Tanjung Sabatai Point. to Saminyamu, which is all extraordinarily beautiful with clear, deep blue waters, beautiful and diverse marine life and coral reefs from the remnants of warships that are very well maintained.

10. Arborek Island, Raja Ampat Islands

Of the many beautiful islands in Raja Ampat, Arborek Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Raja Ampat. Arborek Island is the Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia Like Heaven which has a sloping beach with clean white sand, unspoiled nature, especially the underwater world, all of which are perfectly integrated on Arborek Island.

Come to Arborek, because this island is perfect as your dream destination and ready to spoil your eyes.

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