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Sophisticated Technologies Found in Ancient Times

As we all know, ancient times were times when life was still underdeveloped, primitive, and not yet familiar with technology. Along with the development of the times, scientists have begun to develop advanced technology that can later be used to facilitate human life. But archaeologists found something that could be said beyond the expectations of today's humans. Various findings from archaeologists show that in ancient times there was technology.

Here are the discoveries of 5 advanced technologies found in ancient times.

1. Baghdad Battery (Parthian Battery)


The Baghdad Battery is a 6-inch, yellow clay pot found during the Parthian occupation between 248 BC and 226 BC. The battery consists of a cylinder made of copper sheet which is attached to the mouth of a pot using a seal of 60%-40% lead-tin alloy. By inserting acid into the bowl, this battery can generate an electric voltage of 1.5 – 2 volts. The Baghdad battery was discovered by Austrian archaeologist Dr Wihem Konig, in the village of Khuyut Rabbou'a near Baghdad, Iraq in 1936.

2. Ancient computers (Antikthera)


Discovered in 1901 by Greek divers in the waters of the island of Antikythera, from a shipwreck that sank on the seabed in 80 BC. This object with the shape of an alarm clock became known as the Antikythera Mechanism. Research conducted by Derek John De Solla Price explains the mechanism of this object is as it is now used as a computer (calculating machine) to measure the movement of stars and planets.


3. Discovery of a nuclear reactor in Gabon

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Nuclear reactor mine found in Oklo area, Rep. Gabon, Africa which is thought to have existed since 2 billion years ago. After doing research, the mine was a nuclear reactor with a large scale in prehistoric times, with a capacity of approximately 500 tons of uranium ore in six areas, and can generate power of 100 thousand watts.

4. Ancient synthetic heart

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Inside the Egyptian pyramids on the left chest of a boy mummy, researchers found a synthetic heart. In modern times, synthetic hearts have only been created in just a few decades. It turns out that with this discovery, synthetic hearts have existed since 5,000 years ago.

5. Ancient robots


The talented inventor Ma Daifeng produced a robotic application built on a mechanical mechanism during the reign of Emperor Mu (976 to 922 BC) in China, the inventor. The built robots can sing and dance like humans, carry tools to their masters and have body organs such as bones, muscles, joints, skin and hair.

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