Steady Tips and Tricks for Easy Freshwater and Seawater Fishing in Fast Currents

Complete Equipment for Fishing and Tips for Fishing in Fast Currents - Hi fishing maniaa, how are you all, we are sure to be good, today we will give you easy tips for fishing in fresh water with various types of fish and in seawater with fast and calm currents. For those of you who like fishing, of course, you are used to fishing in fishing ponds or in seas with slow or calm currents.

Especially for you truss fishing lovers, on this occasion, will provide a review of fishing methods or techniques in fast flowing water. Please see more details below.

1. Fishing equipment

For fishing equipment in general is a fishing rod or jeujeur, hooks, ropes (strings / kenur) weights (lead).

Jeujeur is Sundanese which means fishing rod. Next we will describe one by one, starting with discussing the fishing rod. For the selection of rods, it is better to use a flexible rod if we want to fish in a fast flowing river. That's because we don't know what type of fish we will be able to bait, it can be small fish and it can be fish with a large size.

As for the selection of strings/kenurs, use strings that are not too big, but of good quality when pulling big fish later.

And to choose a hook/hook, you can use a small hook or a medium-sized hook. But if you want to fish for fish and other large fish, you can use a fishing hook size 1 to 2.5.

For ballast, choose lead that has previously been adjusted to your location or fishing spot. Now, for locations with heavy currents, use ballast/lead weighing between 1 gram and 7 grams. Meanwhile, for fishing in the sea, you can adjust it again to the fast or calm currents.

For the bait itself, it must be strong against strong currents, you can choose thick and strong ones to fight strong currents. For medium or not so fast currents, you can use bait that is not so soft which of course is adjusted to the type of fish you will be fishing for.

2. Ways and Techniques of Fishing

There are 2 easy fishing techniques that we will provide for you.

The first way is to hang the bait, why? because this is good for fishing for river fish that like to eat moss or other food on the banks of the river where there are rocks. On the banks of this rocky/rocky river, we just need to hang our fishing bait. But if you want to use this technique, first estimate the depth of the river because you don't want the strings to hit the riverbed.

Furthermore, for the second way of fishing in fast currents is to throw the bait far into the middle of the river. Usually use heavy ballast lead because that way your bait and hook are not carried away by heavy currents. But you should try it first, and if you feel it's not heavy enough, add or replace it with heavier and heavier weights.

That's all from us, I hope our fishing tips and techniques are easy to understand and always useful for all of you. Invite your friends to visit our article and our other articles.