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The Benefits and Uses of Studying History Complete

Usefulness of Studying History

Usefulness of Studying History - Learning history has many uses in life now or for the future. History can provide an overview and become a guide for a nation to move from present life to the future.

Every individual in every nation and state must have an awareness of the importance of history. Historical awareness is a dimension that contains the conception of time that is owned by cultured humans.

Historical awareness that is reflected in individuals will be more beneficial if it is collective in nature, because as an expression of a shared society towards existing situations, both political, economic, social and cultural, it is capable of building a feeling of shared destiny as a member of the nation and state.

The experience possessed by a community in the past is an experience that has historical value and is valuable for the nation at present, because it will provide assistance for wise thinking and action. Therefore, history has an important meaning for the life of the nation and state.

In the midst of a wider society, history has social meaning and uses, namely providing educational uses (lessons), uses that generate inspiration (inspiration), and recreational functions (a pleasant feeling).

1. Use of educative (give lessons)

Studying history means learning from experiences that have been made by society, either in the present or in previous societies. Success in the past will be able to provide experience in the present. On the contrary, people's mistakes in the past will become valuable lessons that must be watched out for in the present.

By studying history, people can discover the laws that govern human life, even by studying history we can act wisely to face the future (remember that studying history will be wise first). Therefore, learn from history because history can teach us what has been done before.

The success of the Majapahit Kingdom will teach today's society a lesson to work hard, unite in one goal to achieve a just and prosperous society. Instead, civil war led

the weakness of the state which ultimately brought down Majapahit (remember the Paregreg War in Majapahit).

Likewise, the reason why in Singasari there is always a change of throne is nothing but the result of efforts that do not build each other up but bring down each other (Ken Arok seized the throne from Tunggul Ametung, then Tunggul Ametung's son killed Ken Arok and vice versa, Ken Arok's son killed Anusopati and so on) .

2. Inspirational Use

Various historical stories that happened provide inspiration (inspiration). For example, Prince Diponegoro tried to fight with a guerrilla system against General De Kock's troops, and for 5 years he managed to ravage the Dutch. Likewise, the struggle of the Indonesian people in the national movement which was marked by the birth of Budi Utomo inspired us to live creatively, be united, and always prioritize unity to achieve an independent Indonesia. The attitude of being willing to sacrifice for the sake of unity and struggling selflessly has been shown by the leaders of the Indonesian national movement organizations.

The Indonesian nation has entered the second national renaissance trying to catch up in the era of globalization of science and technology, a time when we must increase unity and patriotism to lead the Indonesian nation towards a better future than the present.

3. History can be useful as a recreation

History can provide pleasure and an aesthetic sense because historical writing is able to attract readers for recreation without moving from their place. We can witness events that have happened in the past and are far away.

We seem to be traveling around a distant land and witnessing events that happened in the past, for example, the construction of the Hanging Gardens in Babylon or the Taj Mahal in Agra India. We can see the beauty and greatness of society at that time. So through this recreational use it will encourage people to move forward and be more open, to be able to get along with anyone, to enjoy science and technology, to be disciplined, to work hard, to respect the law, to be innovative, productive, and to want to work together to achieve the nation's ideals.

The process of recreation of events in the past allows people to reflect on themselves. People who are advanced will definitely be more dynamic because they see a bright future based on beautiful and interesting past experiences

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